Dead Island 2 - Official Gameplay Trailer Shows New Zombies

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Dead Island 2 Graphic

Dead Island 2 has been in the works for years and years, and just before reaching a decade since the first announcement?

We have a brand-new gameplay trailer!

The Extended Gameplay trailer for the new zombie hack-and-slash shows off 14 minutes of what fans should be expecting.

And after 9 years of waiting for more announcements, this has hit the community with a loving whack to the heart.

Excitement rises as we slowly approach our release date in April 2023.

Deep Silver seems just as excited as us to finally release this game and have their community playing it.

So, let's take a deep dive into the Extended gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 and see what players should expect.

Dead Island 2 Extended Gameplay Reveal

Here is the full extended gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2, posted by the official Dead Island YouTube account.

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The first look at this new gameplay trailer shows what an upgrade this is with the graphics.

Zombies have never looked so brutally beaten, torn, and sliced open as they stumble around the streets of L.A.

New weapons shown in the trailer also bring an exciting element to the game.

And, by the looks of things, there's plenty of choice for Zombie slayers everywhere.

Dead Island 2 Zombie
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With six new slayers to choose from in the game, this trailer follows Dani, who after getting bitten, has obtained some of that secret Z power for herself whilst still being human.

Each slayer has their own personality and set of skills. However, these can be altered in the card-based skill system.

If this has caught your fancy, then Dead Island will be releasing on March 21 2023.


This game will be released on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

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