Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Has Arrived

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Cyberpunk 2077 has gone through a rough release, but things could be getting back on track with the new Cyberpunk 1.2 Patch!

Here's everything you need to know about Cyberpunk 1.2, and what the massive patch brings to the game in its patch notes.


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Latest - It's LIVE!

You can download Cyberpunk Patch 1.2 now on PC and consoles! The update will also arrive on Stadia later this week.

That means it's time to get the update started, and dive into the massive patch notes below while you wait.

If you're a fan of the game's vehicles, then we're sure you'll be happy!

Cyberpunk Patch 1.2 Release Date

After dropping the full set of Patch Notes early for Cyberpunk 1.2 - the patch has officially arrived on Monday, March 29th!


The 1.2 Update was originally due in February but found itself delayed after CDPR suffered a devastating cyberattack that disrupted development and any work on the title.

Patch Notes

We knew Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 was going to be massive but this is something else entirely.

Earlier in the week, a "What's New In Night City" broadcast shared some insight into the changes coming to Cyberpunk 2077 in Patch 1.2.

However, now CDPR has released a full look at the Patch 1.2 Patch Notes for Cyberpunk 2077.


The Patch Notes are pretty substantial but they're well worth a deep dive!


  • The NCPD spawn radius for when the player commits a crime has been increased.
  • New Steering Sensitivity slider added to Controls settings. Allows reducing steering speed for all vehicles, on all input devices. Particularly useful for keyboard users.
  • Adjusted the vehicle steering code to work better in low and extreme high frame rate situations to produce more consistent results. Improves steering on base consoles noticeably.
  • Unstuck Rocking/Rotating feature added to all vehicles. Use Left Stick or A/D W/S or LShift/LCtrl to engage rocking and rotating to stuck/beached vehicles to try and free them.
  • Minor driving model tune revisions to some vehicles to improve steering, cure excessive body roll and oversteer.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming while under the effect of the "Berserk" cyberware moved the crosshair with no input from the player.
  • Adjusted fire rate of the helicopter turret in Love Like Fire.
  • Police vehicles will no longer immediately despawn after getting into Kerry's car during Rebel! Rebel!
  • Fixed an issue where Projectile Launch System had no cooldown.
  • Bump reaction for friendly NPCs has been disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where grappled enemies played voice lines as if the player bumped into them.
  • Using Zetatech Sandevistan MK. 1 cyberware now correctly slows time.
  • Player can no longer cancel fall damage by performing a slide action when about to fall from greater heights
  • It is no longer possible to perform Gorilla Arms finishers against civilians.
  • Fixed an issue where V could get pushed too far by a speeding vehicle.
  • If V picks up a body containing a quest item, the item will now be automatically added to the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where a civilian running from a driving player could react incorrectly.
  • Picking up or grappling an NPC with a burning or EMP status now transfers the status to the player.
  • Improved jacking in interactions with forklifts.
  • Fixed an issue where dodging right after the Kerenzikov cyberware effect ended resulted in pushing V a great distance forward.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies did not fall on the ground after being killed with Synapse Burnout.

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  • Fixed an issue where Breach Protocol was not working correctly against Sasquatch.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Placide from being taken down in stealth.
  • Short Circuit quickhack's damage over time will no longer finish off defeated enemies.
  • Cyberpsychos and minibosses are now immune to Tranquilizer rounds and System Reset Quickhack.
  • Fixed an issue where stacking cooldown reduction over 100% could result in blocking quickhacks.
  • V can no longer use consumables in situations where scene context would not support it.
  • Clothing vendors now sell items more suitable for the location.
  • Cat food needed to adopt Nibbles can now be bought at several food shops around Night City.
  • The item for resetting perk points (TABULA E-RASA) can now be bought at a reduced price.
  • Reduced amount of higher quality crafting components needed to craft iconic items.
  • Fixed an issue where V could get stuck in empty buildings when exiting a vehicle parked close to a wall.
  • Data is now correctly displayed when scanning the Militech Manticore AV.
  • Fixed the prompt on an unavailable Vehicle door that said "Locked []".
  • Fixed an issue where dumping a body in the trunk started the vehicle's engine.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs turning the steering wheel broke their upper body animations.
  • Gorilla Arms damage has been increased by 20%.
  • Reduced prices of Kiroshi optics fragment recipes.
  • Reduced power of revolver wielding NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where disassembling part of a stack granted the number of experience as if the entire stack was disassembled.
  • Disassembling grenades now properly grants Common and Uncommon components.
  • Extending the sliding ladder won't result in player's death if they are below it.
  • Fixed several door blockers that could make enemy NPCs stuck, preventing them from being killed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to trip over other NPCs too often.
  • V should now automatically unequip a charged grenade when entering safe areas.
  • Fixed an issue where pedestrians could get teleported after being hit by a vehicle.
  • Transmigration trait is now unlockable at Breach Protocol level 20, rather than 16. Players who unlocked Transmigration pre-level 20 and did not yet reach that level will have the trait locked and Perk Points for it restored.
  • Getting knocked down by vehicles no longer kills V after unlocking 'The Rock" perk.
  • Fixed an issue where switching the weapon in the inventory two times in a row could result in the weapon not being displayed in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where completion of The Wasteland achievement could be blocked under certain circumstances.
  • Multiple GPS improvements and fixes for the pathing in various activities and quests.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the laser trip mines in Gig: Wakako's Favorite would not explode upon walking over the laser.
  • Fixed instances of NPCs not entering combat when the player approached them in Reported Crime: A Stroke of Luck.
  • Fixed an access point sinking into level geometry in Gig: Greed Never Pays.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the laser trip mines in Gig: Greed Never Pays could not be interacted with.
  • Breaking a window during Gig: On a Tight Leash will now properly alarm nearby NPCs.
  • A certain enemy NPC should now properly attack V in melee during Gig: Welcome to America, Comrade.
  • Fixed cyberpsycho's behavior at the beginning of combat during Cyberpsycho Sighting: House on a Hill.
  • Fixed AV collision to avoid the player being pushed off or stuck in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Opposites Attract.
  • Fixed tracked map markers flying off the minimap occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing multiple grenades in quick succession could make V equip an incorrect grenade.
  • Fixed inactive Breach Protocol option in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: New Boss, New Rules.
  • Fixed River Ward's behavior while following the player in The Hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies at the crash site in Life During Wartime were not able to attack the player at range.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Scavs would not alarm others after finding a body during The Rescue.
  • Jackie should no longer use stealth chatter just before combat in The Heist.
  • Fixed an issue where an exploding mine would not alarm nearby enemies in Gig: Goodbye, Night City.
  • Panam now occupies a different sniping spot during the fight with the Raffens in Ghost Town.
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue would idle after the elevator ride in Arasaka Tower during Never Fade Away.
  • Fixed an issue in The Pickup where the detonator in All Foods could not be interacted with.
  • Jackie will now empty his clip before reloading in The Rescue.
  • The cyberpsycho in Cyberpsycho Sighting: Second Chances should now respond to the player attacking at range correctly.
  • Corrected use of cover for friendly NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where Panam's car could get launched into the air in With a Little Help from my Friends.

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  • Fixed an issue where Delamain cab would launch into the air after leaving Afterlife in The Heist.
  • Fixed an issue where other cars in the race in The Beast in Me: City Center could get teleported under certain circumstances causing the player to drop to the last place.
  • The car will no longer be misplaced after skipping the ride to the Piez restaurant with Joshua in Sinnerman.

Open World

  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to complete the objective for destroying flamingos if they were destroyed before the objective was active in Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado.
  • Collisions will no longer fail to stream in randomly during driving, which could lead to V driving into buildings and falling out of the world.
  • Destructibles will no longer become indestructible after loading a save.
  • Fixed an issue where some NCPD Hustles were not marked as finished after looting the objective container.
  • Fixed an issue where achievements for completing district activities were not always unlocked.
  • Failing Gig: No Fixers will no longer block The Wasteland achievement.
  • Fixed an issue where completed NCPD Hustles were not always counted properly towards The Jungle achievement.
  • Fixed an issue where collecting the additional reward did not end the Gig properly in Gig: No Fixers.
  • Fixed an issue where V could be unable to interact with the computer and upload the virus in Gig: A Lack of Empathy.
  • It is no longer possible to complete some parts of the Gig before getting the contract in Gig: The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole.
  • Hwangbo will no longer get stuck inside a car in Gig: Flight of the Cheetah, which could lead to blocked progression.
  • Fixed an issue where V sometimes could not talk to Anna Hamill in Gig: Woman of La Mancha.
  • Fixed an issue where combat would not always interrupt dialogue with Anna Hamill in Gig: Woman of La Mancha.
  • Fixed an issue where some dialogue lines could be missing during holocalls.
  • V will no longer be unable to move after finishing Gig: On a Tight Leash.
  • Interaction with the van in Gig: Radar Love will no longer disappear before returning it, which could lead to blocked progression.
  • Looting medicines right after getting to Cpl. Hare's room will no longer block progression in Gig: Backs Against the Wall.
  • Gig: For My Son will no longer get blocked if Logan dies during holocall with Muamar "El Capitan" Reyes.
  • Fixed an issue where V could get stuck in combat in any Gig until all enemies were defeated.
  • It is no longer possible to stop the Fixer's car in the middle of the road in Gig: Getting Warmer..., which could lead to blocked progression.
  • Max Jones will no longer leave his room in Gig: Freedom of the Press before V comes in if V starts shooting the turrets.
  • Guards will no longer get stuck in the elevator in Gig: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy.
  • V will no longer get stuck behind the desk in the hospital lobby in Gig: Cuckoo's Nest.
  • It is no longer possible to talk to Max Jones after using Short Circuit quickhack on him in Gig: Freedom of the Press.
  • It is no longer possible to start combat with Anna Hamill while being in apartment one floor below in Gig: Woman of La Mancha.
  • Fixed an issue where the urinary stream could still be visible after NPC stopped peeing and moved away from the spot.
  • NPCs will no longer stay blocked on traffic lanes while in fear.
  • NPC hit by a car will now immediately run in panic now.
  • Added different animation variations for pedestrians running away from a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where the Arcade Machines did not display any games in a pachinko parlor in Jig-Jig Street.
  • Added the missing animation for opening the doors in several quests.
  • Improved force-opening doors animation.
  • Added missing "unauthorized" prompt for elevators protected by authorization.
  • Various immersion improvements and fixes in the open world encounters and gigs.

Environment and levels

  • The objective will no longer get stuck on "Neutralize the attackers" in Dream On.
  • V will no longer get stuck inside an AV flying off if standing on pipes during Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Opposites Attract.
  • Fixed an issue where two fast travel points were missing map pins.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to improper NPC behavior in combat, for example not changing to the correct attack mode or getting stuck in a location.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to NPCs not reacting to V's presence or not entering combat properly.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to NPCs clipping with objects.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to wrong or missing contents of lootable items.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to V not being able to interact with lootable items.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to improper functioning of devices, such as cameras, turrets, or mines.
  • Fixed an issue where Basilisk could fall under the map when the door leading to Mikoshi is reached.
  • Fixed an issue where Lt. Mower had a high chance to die in collisions, blocking the cyberpsycho hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where it was very difficult to access the computer in the back of the gas station in Life during wartime.
  • Fixed the misspelled Leaving Night City sign.
  • Fixed the glitched scaffolding in Heywood, Vista del Rey.
  • Fixed multiple issues where players could fall out of the map due to gaps and missing collisions.
  • Fixed multiple issues where players could get stuck in location geometry.
  • Fixed multiple issues where players could reach unintended areas, potentially blocking quest progression.
  • Fixed multiple issues with disappearing or misplaced assets.
  • Fixed multiple issues with assets floating in the air.
  • Fixed multiple issues with assets appearing or changing appearance on sight.
  • Fixed some issues with parts of assets missing, allowing the player to see inside.
  • Fixed issues where rain would be present in covered areas.
  • Fixed issues with invisible colliders present on locations.
  • Fixed multiple issues with higher resolution textures failing to stream in.

Graphics, audio, animation

  • Fixed NPCs moving after being killed.
  • Improvements in textures rendering from afar.
  • Fixed a visual issue with fast travel and cinematic transition.
  • Adjusted visual quality of some elements when underwater.
  • Improvements in materials details quality.
  • Fixed V's incorrect position while riding a motorcycle.
  • Improvement for interior and exterior light sources.
  • Adjusted dirt quality on Medium and Low settings.
  • Fixed the lack of a crack in the mirror after V smashed it.
  • Fixed an issue where pink particles could appear on camera close-up.
  • Improved foliage destruction visuals.
  • Fixed a visual issue where pavements could be covered with rectangular shapes in shore areas.
  • Fixed the overexposed foliage elements visible when entering a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where some items could disappear after being destroyed.
  • Kerry's bathrobe is no longer incorrectly attached to his lower part of the body.
  • V's hands are now correctly displayed on a steering wheel while driving.
  • V now leans out of a vehicle correctly during chases.
  • Fixed an issue where the character could appear deformed while mounting motorcycles.
  • Fixed a level of detail issue occurring for joy toys in Jig-Jig Street.
  • Fixed several issues with missing lipsync.
  • Fixed multiple issues with NPCs T-posing.
  • Camera no longer flips when V is under an object and jumps.
  • Improved camera movement when entering a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where some items could be attached to NPCs twice.
  • Fixed NPCs shouting after being killed.
  • Jackie no longer shouts "Nice shot!" when V kills enemies while in stealth mode.
  • Fixed particle burning effect applied repeatedly when player stands in fire.
  • Fixed NPC animation issues after skipping the ride.
  • Fixed flickering of stars on the surface of the lake in one of the scenes.
  • Fixed far away terrain disappearing in Badlands.
  • Other city parts visible from the distance now look more realistic due to adjusted lighting.
  • Fixed an issue with black weapon scopes during the chase in Riders on the Storm.
  • Improved visual quality of Black Wall and Mikoshi.
  • Fixed an issue where the weather state would not adjust correctly after loading saves or exiting to the main menu.
  • Holographic elements in specific character outfits now display correctly.
  • Fixed an unwanted jitter effect on frosted glass surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where a white line could be visible at the top of the screen when in cyberspace.


  • Fixed an issue with ads not being properly displayed on curbs.
  • Multiple visual updates and adjustments for ads.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues in quests briefings.
  • Updated the Arabic language layout in quests briefings.
  • Updated grenades icons according to their damage type.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with the icons display.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues in the UI panels, including Journal, Map, Scanner, and others.
  • Fixed an issue that paused the game if the shard was read directly from the loot container in a minor activity.
  • Fixed freezes and crashes related to equipping and unequipping Johnny's Jacket.
  • Added button hints in order to move forward on the treadmill in Where is My Mind?
  • Fixed an issue where database links would not allow jumping to a selected entry.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked a player from answering holocalls manually.
  • Entering a vehicle right before opening the Vehicle Menu should no longer block further progression.
  • The health bar should now be visible during car chases.
  • Performance improvement to the Inventory panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPCs could be tagged as "Minimal Threat" regardless of their actual level.
  • Fixed multiple issues with button hints.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Character Creation panel.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to the Crafting panel.
  • Fixed issues where the level requirement was not displayed correctly in the Upgrade menu.
  • Added an option to craft multiple items at once.
  • Fixed an issue where preview stats show the same values before upgrading an item.
  • Added a "Crafted" icon to the tooltip of crafted items.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to the Cyberware panel.
  • Multiple adjustments for the D-pad input.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to HUD elements.
  • Multiple fixes in the Inventory and Backpack panels.
  • Fixed an issue when weapons could show 0 DPS before looting them.
  • Fixed an improper icon of the clothing item when looting body in Gig: Serial Suicide.
  • Multiple fixes and adjustments to the Main Menu and Settings panels.
  • Fixed an issue where replacing mods on some legendary items could add an empty mod slot.
  • Added a disabled state to mod slots when there are no available mods to equip.
  • Optimizations for Crafting panel and items display.
  • Fixed an overlapping tooltip of Body attribute in the Character menu.
  • Visual effect for adding attribute points in the Character menu should no longer be missing after hovering over Perks tree.
  • Multiple fixes for Scanning functionality and its HUD display.
  • Added a toggle to enable/disable comparing tooltip.
  • Multiple fixes related to buyback pricing and performance improvement in the Vendor panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during Ghost Town if a player chose to "Wait until Rogue is ready" right after asking Claire for a drink.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could die right before the scene transition in Play It Safe resulting in blocked progression.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon crosshair did not disappear after aiming down or unequipping it.
  • Fixed an issue where debug text could appear after skipping and fast-forwarding credits.
  • Updated the credits list.
  • Fixed an issue where ads text localization upon scanning did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where highlighted dialogue lines when talking to Johnny could not be visible after visiting Hanako and taking the elevator down in Nocturne Op55N1.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring defaults could set all settings to Low on second and consecutive launches.
  • Fixed corrupted characters in different languages.
  • Multiple fixes and adjustments for input issues.
  • Various UI performance and stability improvements.
  • Epic and Legendary loot dropping from defeated enemies are now better visible on the minimap.
  • Threat level for undiscovered gigs is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issues with D-pad/arrows navigation in the menu and inventory.
  • Removed unnecessary health bar animations after loading a save.
  • Fixed item tooltips remaining on screen after closing them.
  • Fixed an issue where the value per unit would be displayed instead of total value in case of items with quantity larger than one.
  • Fixed issues related to changing gameplay difficulty settings in the menu.
  • My Rewards popup in the Main Menu is now hidden when Streamer mode is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with broken buildings visible on the main map.
  • Added Overhead Text Size option to the Subtitles Settings.
  • Fixed multiple text-related issues.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to UI streaming.

Stability and performance

  • Improved stability and performance of the engine and the rendering engine (reducing the number of random crashes).
  • Memory optimizations and memory management improvements in various systems (reducing the number of crashes).
  • Various optimizations and improvements in shadows, shaders, physics, workspot system, spawn system, scene system, animation system, occlusion system, and facial animations system.
  • Fixed mechanism for managing UI icons atlases memory which helps with memory-related crashes, especially during long playthroughs.
  • Multiple UI stability improvements and fixes for the most common UI-related crashes.
  • Various crash fixes (among others, in Settings menu, and upon reloading saves repeatedly during gameplay and GPU-related).
  • Multiple UI performance improvements.
  • Fixed a performance drop during controller-button-mashing causing V to receive multiple copies of the same item.
  • Fixed detection map markers sometimes appearing broken or glitchy on machines with slower hard drives.
  • Various other stability and performance improvements.


  • Fixed incorrect censorship when playing a copy of the game from a region other than Japan while the console region is set to Japan or language to Japanese.
  • A settings option to hide Potential Enemy Markers was added to the Interface tab.
  • A settings option to hide NPC name overhead display was added to the Interface tab.
  • Telemetry consent is now saved in the user profile and synced via the cloud.
  • Logic for loading last checkpoint when there is no existing savefile improved.
  • Fixed game going to a black screen after difficulty is changed in the Pause menu.
  • Improved D-pad/arrow navigation in menus.
  • Navigation in Load/Save menu improved.
  • Fixed Fists description in the quick weapon selection menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get locked in an aiming or crouching state after leaving a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where jumping or carrying a body into Point of No Return area could lead to Point of No Return save not being created.
  • Added fade-in on returning to the game after final credits.
  • The "One more gig" message will no longer be displayed when the game ends and there is no Point of No Return save.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the money transfer notification to appear as 0 if the player performed a save/load cycle right before it showed.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were missing their weapons after loading a save
  • Fixed an issue where engaging in combat in front of Misty's Esoterica could cause a nearby Animals' bouncer to follow V in combat state to Viktor's clinic in The Ripperdoc.
  • Fixed an issue where Monk's walk could reset if the Monk stepped on a defeated Maelstrom corpse in Losing My Religion.
  • Misty will now walk correctly down the stairs on the way to "El Coyote Cojo" bar in Heroes.
  • Telemetry consent request reappears once for some players due to an issue causing a reset of settings.
  • Keyboard bindings: more keys are now available for rebinding.
  • Keyboard bindings: It is now possible to bind opening and closing specific panels to the same key.