Six great players who haven’t won a $250,000 tournament in CS:GO

Most great players in history have at least one $250,000 tournament to their name, but these players haven’t quite reached that goal.

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Photo Credit: StarLadder

For a long time $250,000 has been the benchmark prize pool for the biggest tournaments in CS:GO. While most great players have achieved victories at these events, some have yet to get there, and some may even have missed their window of opportunity. These are six great players who have had multiple opportunities to reach the promised land and lift one of these prestigious trophies in the CS:GO world. 

This list is not just based on individual skill, but also other aspects of the game like leadership and supportive play. Something these players have in common is that they have come close to winning a $250,000 tournament on multiple occasions, but never quite reached the top.