RealSport Top CS:GO plays of 2018

In a year of Astralis dominance, it hasn't just been the Danes pulling of incredible plays in the server.

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  1. 4 chrisJ ace vs. Team Liquid at ESL One: New York (Mirage)

    After crashing out of the Major weeks before, ESL One: New York wasn't supposed to be a promising event for Mousesports. Despite this, chrisJ had led the team flawlessly, conquering Fnatic, Gambit and NRG to meet heavy favourite Team Liquid in the finals.

    A best-of-five against Team Liquid was all that stood in the way of the trophy. After four maps, the final straight was Mirage and Mouz were up 14-8 and simply needed to stay in control of the map.

    chrisJ is not the primary AWPer of Mousesports, but what happened in the 22nd round would have fooled most people. The impressive ace on A site with the AWP would have likely been the play of the year if the last two LAN events of the year hadn't produced their own incredible plays.

  2. 3 GuardiaN 1v5 ace vs. fnatic at IEM Katowice 2018 (Overpass)

    At the time of writing, the clip of the ace is the seventh most upvoted post on /r/GlobalOffensive in the last year. Fnatic made mistakes which GuardiaN capitalised on and the moment is definitely in the top five for this year, but not quite worthy of number one.

  3. 2 valde 1v5 ace vs. NRG at ECS Season 6 Finals (Nuke)

    Valde's ace against NRG was a beautiful display of perfectly played Counter Strike. Already sitting on 26 kills, valde managed to pull off the clutch without taking a single point of damage, bringing the scoreline to 13-13, breaking NRG's economy and led to North taking the map 16-14 in the end.

    This is perhaps a controversial runner-up because of how impressive the play was.

  4. 1 horvy Deagle 1v5 ace vs. G2 Esports at ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals (Mirage)

    3-0 up with two AKs, two M4s and a FAMAS, G2 were looking to take a fourth round in a row as INTZ had only CZs and Deagles.

    Horvy didn't need anything more. 

    Three quick headshots took out three of G2, and a missed shot from Ex6TenZ in CT left bodyy too vulnerable on stairs despite his full health and armour, as it came down to a 1v1. With 30hp, Horvy repositions to palace still with only a Deagle in hand. Ex6TenZ is caught out and horvy wins INTZ their first round on Mirage against all odds.

    While INTZ still went on to lose against G2 in the best-of-three and horvy's overall rating was poor, this clip is an undeniable highlight of the year. Clutching the round with only a Deagle is what gave horvy the edge over valde's AK clutch in the end.

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