Dreamhack Open Tours: three players to watch

In a tournament that will be over shadowed by the on going EPL Finals, Dreamhack Tours will be the bellwether for many teams going into the rest of 2018.

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 With a rather smaller prize pool of $100,000 and a crop of talent that cannot compare to the top heavy EPL Finals, DreamHack Tours is not one to look past. I will feature 5 players that will need to prove their worth and out duel their opposition to claim the prize. 

  1. 1 EspiranTo - Imperial

    The young Lithuania caught all of our eyes at Copenhagen games this past March, dominating the competition throughout the mega thon tournament that Imperial had to play.The 17-year-old post a staggering 1.24 rating over 20 maps to help Imperial shock all and dethrone North on home soil. We have only seen EspiranTo appear at one LAN since, being the QI Invitational in which his team only mustered a 5-6 placing but for what it means a 1.16 rating is nothing to laugh at. Looking ahead at DH Tours, Imperial are placed in the most notably stronger group featuring the likes of, Envyus, North and Hellraisers although most of those teams look lost at sea it will still take another display from the youngster to help Imperial progress farther than the groups.

     Look out for EspiranTo to yet again show case his world class aim and skill against much higher opposition than there was at CPH Games, the pairing of him alongside his fellow Lithuania is for sure a deadly one that is on the rise. 

  2. 2 swag - Torqued

    Torqued have recently started their European tour over the next couple weeks, and the beginning of it has been nothing from ideal. Failing to qualify for EPL Season 8 yet again and a mediocre placing in the MDL Global Challenge has many questions being asked. Swag has been a bright spot in his 2nd appearance back to LAN, the 21-year-old posting a solid 1.16 and 1.11 ratings in both events this past week and has been a consistent force for the team. Looking ahead to DH Tours, Torqued will be set to face off against AGO, Gambit and Godsent this on paper is a much easier group than group B and swag and co have a fairly strong chance in making the playoffs. The weight will be on swags shoulder to resurrect the form we witnessed in his team before the infamous ban. 

  3. 3 AdreN- Gambit

    Photo Credit (starladder) 

    It feels like a century ago that we witnessed Gambit hoist the PGL Major trophy against all the odds but we know since then the results have been dreadful. AdreN has seen a drastic dip in form for most these last 9 months but too many fans excitement has seemly gotten back to the good ole AdreN most consistent form. In both the Bet.net Masters and Dreamhack Marseille, AdreN posted yearly best LAN ratings and although Gambit yet again fell short of a finals appearance, there was at least some good to take away. AdreN will yet again have to be the dominating force for Gambit if they can silence the critiques. Gambit need an impressive result at DH Tours if they will look to have any hope going into the second half of the year, a string of disappointing results over the next couple months could be the last time we see the likes of seized ever play at the top tier again. It all starts here for AdreN and co, a semi final appearance at least is the bare minimum this team must muster if any hope is to be made from Gambit anymore. 

  4. 4 Predictions

    1. Hellraisers 

    2. Gambit

    3-4. Imperial 

    3-4. Godsent

    5-6. Torqued 

    5-6. North

    7-8. Envyus

    7-8. AGO 

    What team do you see taking the top prize in Tours? Comment your predictions below!

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