DreamHack Masters Malmo Interview with “KennyS”

DreamHack Masters Malmo MVP, Kenny “KennyS” Schrub, talked with RealSport about his team’s dominant performance.

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Often considered one of the game’s finest AWPers, G2 Esports’ KennyS sat down with RealSport shortly after being named the tournament MVP for this year’s DreamHack Masters Malmo. 

RealSport: First of all, what are your thoughts on the overall tournament?

KennyS: It was a great tournament. DreamHack has never disappointed us. As a team we played wonderful; best tournament so far. Everything is great.

RS: Today you played NiP in front of their home Swedish crowd. Does that affect you in any way?

KennyS: No, I always loved playing in front of a massive crowd even if they aren’t cheering for me or my team, but in the booth you don’t hear much so you don’t get tilted anyways. I would say playing in front of massive crowds is exciting but once you start playing CS you forget about the crowd.

RS: In the finals you re-matched with North, who you faced in the EPL S5 Finals. How different was the match up now that they have Valde instead of Magisk?

KennyS: I don’t know. I feel like we were playing better this tournament. Valde was a good addition for them. They might have played a little less better against us, but overall, I [think] they had a really great tournament and they played like a winner. I feel like we have a psychological advantage over them because of the ESL Pro League [match].

RS: On the first map, Inferno, you started 13-4 – then k0nfig went insane and led North to win five straight rounds. Was there a little part of you that thought you might have let this slip, or were you confident the entire time?

KennyS: No, we were comfortable and confident, because [the prize] money was not bad at the time, and [we] felt it was not close enough to panic.

RS: Next weekend you are going to Eleague, in a group with the new FaZe Clan, and Na’Vi with Zeus as well. Do you think you’ll be able to get out of the group easily?

KennyS: It is not going to be a problem. They are both new rosters and so they are going to need time and are probably not super confident because [they’re] new teams. Yeah, it is still a tough group stage and we do not really know what to expect but we are looking forward to it.

RS: Do you have anyone you want to give a shoutout to?

KennyS: Thanks to the teams we played, it was a lot of fun to play this tournament. Thanks to our Coach who helped us win.

Congratulations to KennyS on winning event MVP and G2 Esports for winning DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017!