Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov: RealSport interviews Gambit’s newest member

Fitch went from playing in the CIS lower tier to a top five CIS super team in Gambit. We caught up with him after his MVP performance against Astralis.

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RealSport met up with Gambit’s newest signing, Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov, at the DreamHack Masters Malmo as he came off a surprising sweep against heavy favorites Astralis. fitch, who joined Gambit from Kazakh team Tengri, talked to us about his first major LAN live event, how the team kept their cool against Astralis, and who he hopes to face in the next round of the Malmo tournament.

RealSport: This is your first LAN event in front of a crowd, and you found yourself playing against one of the best teams in the world in Astralis. How did it feel to win 2-0?

fitch: I feel great actually. The magic has happened; my teammates are the best and [we’re] playing for the semifinal. I hope it is going to be good for me first of all, and my team, and we face either North or Immortals. I am really happy to be here in my first big tournament that I have ever played in.

RS: You mentioned you are playing either North or Immortals in the semifinal; who do you think your opponents will be?

fitch: I do not know who it is going to be but I hope it is going to be Immortals, because I just want to play against them. North is the harder [opponent], I do not want to play against them because those guys are crazy. Valde is just so good, I don’t want to play against them.

RS: In the series against Astralis, you were top fragging on the first map, and on the second map you had a 13-2 CT side on Mirage. What was going through your mind when that happened?

fitch: Our captain AdreN told us, “Guys listen up, chill, calm down. Don’t worry, don’t [be] scared, just go straight and kill them all. Communicate, don’t be quiet, c’mon.” He was like an alarm for us. We won the first map, which was Astralis’ pick, so we had to win our map.

RS: AdreN is now in-game leading for your team.  What is his calling style like?

fitch: AdreN is a good IGL actually. He gives me a lot of space to play however I want, and I am doing my job how I want. Everyone is happy.

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