Top 10 CS:GO teams of 2017

Many teams have had a chance to shine over the year, but which teams have done enough to be considered in the top ten?

by Phoebe Dua

(Photo Credit: artubr)

2017 has been a significant year for Counter Strike. With many teams all playing at the top level, no one team seems set to cement an era right now. The likes of Astralis and Virtus.Pro started the year looking strong, but SK Gaming and FaZe Clan soon rose up to challenge the top spots. The second Major had a surprise winner in the form of Gambit Esports and the second-place team Immortals had their great potential crushed by internal issues and player behaviour.

While there are a few teams that easily take the top spots, many teams have achieved and won titles over the year. Some have slowly risen up the ranks, others have faded away or not lived up to expectation.

This top ten ranking is based on achievements and performances at events, with emphasis on offline events where other top teams were also present. Teams that are no longer together have not been considered (primarily the Immortals roster successful in Krakow).


Phoebe Dua