CS:GO Basics: Pistol round guide

Having trouble with those pistol rounds and unsure what to do? Take a look at this helpful guide.

realsport user by admin

A pistol round win can determine how the following ones play out, or be the start of a comeback after a bad first half. Pistol rounds are vital and so, with this in mind, I want to give you my main tips on what to buy and how to win the round.

For a counter terrorist you want to buy either body armour or a Five-Seven. The body armour will stop you flinching when shot, allowing you to land those important headshots if the terrorists rush the site. If you go the armour route it’s better to play on the perimeter of the site, so as to shoot accurately and avoid spam fire from Glocks or Tec-9s.

I personally chose the Five-Seven, as it matches my play style better. It has good armour piecing, a one hit headshot without a helmet, a generous 20 rounds, and little recoil. This means it is great for spamming, and so you should play it up close to where the terrorists will enter the site. This will allow you to pump as many bullets into them as possible, and perhaps land a cheeky headshot. If you have trouble with aiming and landing those pinpoint headshots, this is your buy. I personally always use it by the B site van on Mirage.


There is no need to buy a kit, especially if you’re solo queuing. If you find yourself in a shootout with the last enemy and you’re on site with a ticking bomb, just do a faking maneuver. Start the defuse then peak out and see if the terrorist if running over to stop you. This strategy is pretty useless after the low Nova ranks however, so what I recommend is faking a fake. I know. Mind blowing. This takes a lot of courage however and you fully need to commit to it. You may face your teammate’s wrath if you screw it up.


For the terrorists I recommend mostly the same except with a tweak. The Terrorists’s Glock is far less formidable than the CT’s P2000 or USP-S, and can only do damage if you can hit a headshot, which can be pretty hard while your storming a site. I encourage you pick up the Tec-9 and a flash bang, as a correctly thrown one can blind an entire site, and the Tec-9 can massacre an entire team. The strategy is best implemented when rushing B on Mirage, as you can bounce your flash out the apartments window to flash short, or on Dust 2 B site as you can flash through tunnels to blind the site.


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