Cricket 22: Career Mode OVERHAULED with plenty of awesome changes

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The release of Cricket 22 is just a matter of days away now, and we can't wait to get stuck in!

Plenty of changes are coming to the new game, including plenty of updates to Career Mode.


Find out everything you need to know on the changes coming to Cricket 22 Career Mode below.

What's new in Career Mode?

You can watch the new Career Mode YouTube video below, explaining all the changes coming to the popular mode.

A series of characters has been introduced into the game mode, in order to guide, prompt and interact with you throughout your career.

This makes for a more personal experience, with more emotion involved between characters, including coaches, managers, doctors as well as the press.

Off-field improvements

More off-field elements have been introduced in Career Mode, in order to help you improve your ability whilst on the field in the thick of the action.


Of course, you can still head into the nets and improve your batting skills, but on top of this, you can take time to put some hours into the gym.

Don't worry, the gym isn't as boring as it sounds! You'll be completing mini-games to help build strength and stamina, which translates to a higher performance level in matches.

Impress the press!

The press plays a MUCH bigger part in your career in Cricket 22.

As mentioned previously, you'll also need to keep the fans, and crucially your sponsors happy by choosing the correct words in press conferences.

As you progress throughout your career, there will be a series of press-conference setups, especially when entering or during major tournaments.

This gives you chance to develop your own personal relationship with the press, and therefore the fans, so, will you be the villain or the saint?

The press also plays a role on the field now with Player of the Match cut scenes after the game.

The press may also have some questions for your player if you've notched up a century or if you've taken five wickets in a single inning.

Cricket 22 release date

There's not long to wait now, as Cricket 22 will be released on Thursday, 25 November!


Pre-orders on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox have had access to Cricket 22 'The Nets Challenge' from mid-October 2021.

Luckily, fans that buy the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to upgrade for free when they purchase the new generation of hardware.

Cricket 22 will also be made available on Nintendo Switch January 2022.