Cricket 19: How to download all the official World Cup teams, kits & player likenesses

Read our guide to downloading the World Cup teams along with your favourites so you can play as your favourite stars.

Michael Wicherek by Michael Wicherek

Cricket 19 does not have the licenses to use the real player names, kits and likenesses aside from the England & Australia men’s & women’s teams. With the biggest World Cup in memory currently taking place, it is a shame that you don’t have access to the likes of Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson and Lasith Malinga.

Hope is not lost though, as just like PES’ option file. downloadable community content is available on Cricket 19 so  can still play as your favourite players, along with the official kits of the World Cup 2019.


Downloading the 2019 Cricket World Cup Teams Walkthrough

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Cricket Academy

First things first, head into the Cricket Academy mode on the second page of the home screen.

This is where you can edit players yourself, but it is far quicker and easier to download someone else’s work!


From the Cricket Academy, use the tabs on the top to select the Community area.



In the Community tab, click on Teams and search for “Friedlele”. He is a creator and has recreated the Cricket World Cup teams, kits and logos.

The teams should then show up on your screen, use Triangle to quick download the teams. Be aware that some alert screens may pop up. Select replace current with new and use Triangle to save yourself from multiple alert messages.

Team Creator

To check the teams and kits have been downloaded, use the Team Creator under the ‘Creators’ tab.

Select ‘Manage Male Teams’.

Click on the teams you want to check, from here you can see their logos, kits and squads. You can then link your new downloaded teams to the ones that are already on the game so that there isn only one India instead of two!

Now you’re all done and ready to lead your team to World Cup glory!


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