COD Mobile Season 12: Patch Notes, Going Dark, Night Mode & more!

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Season 12 for COD Mobile is finally here, and it's a big one.

With the season's title giving away a big secret as to what was to come, player's can now jump into Night Mode.


The Battle Pass also features a number of exciting free and paid additions.

Without further ado, let's jump into the changes you can expect to see in Season 12!

Night Mode

Firstly, and as we hinted at yesterday, COD Mobile has received a number of Night Mode maps.

cod mobile going dark
NIGHT TIME: This Season focuses on combat in the dark

These maps are identical to the original, but this time players must use Night Vision goggles to spot their opponents.

This mode is available on the maps Crash, Summit and Hackney Yard, new to COD Mobile.


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Fans of the franchise will be excited to see the mode on these 3 terrific maps.

Also, Night Mode brings the return of Attack of the Undead, but the zombies no longer glow.

As such, make sure to have your Night Vision goggles equipped in Season 12 of COD Mobile!

Season 12 Battle Pass

This season's Battle Pass is also a big one.


With many players opting for the free version of the Battle Pass, you won't be dissapointed.

COD mobile price and ghost
FAN FAVOURITES: Play as new version of your favourite characters

The free Battle Pass offers players the chance to earn the new Ballistic Shield Operator Skilll.

As well as this, they can unlock the brand new AGR 556 SMG.

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Those with the premium Battle Pass can expect even more, including a Captain Price Night skin and the Byakko, a version of the AGR 556.

Knights Divided & more

Another new additions this season is the Knights Divided event.


This will see Red vs Blue in a battle to the death, as both teams fight for new ground, cosmetics and rewards!

All the details on this and more are available in the most recent COD Mobile blog, available here!