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Clash Royale Season 26 "Cruise Royale" Is Live Now

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Supercell has just released the Clash Royale Season 26 Update, under the name Cruise Royale. Here's what we know so far!

Clash Royale Season 26

With the beginning of a new season we will receive new Pass Royale Rewards and Free rewards, along with bug fixes.

As with every new season Pass Royale includes 35 levels. In each level F2P will get one chest and Pass owners will get two. You can level up by obtaining crowns in PVP Battles.

Read over the rewards below!


Pass Royale Rewards

  • Unique Fisherman Tower Skin & Melting Wizard emote
  • 1 Book of Books (completely fills a card’s upgrade progress)
  • 1 Magic Coin (free card upgrade)
  • 2 Chest Keys (opens any chest in your Chest Slot instantly)
  • 1 Legendary Wild Card
  • Epic Wild Cards
  • Rare Wild Cards
  • Common Wild Cards
  • 40,000 Gold
  • 4 Trade Tokens
  • Bonus Bank Gold (up to 25,000 Gold)

Free Rewards

  • 1 Common Book of Cards
  • 10 Epic Wild Cards
  • 20 Rare Wild Cards
  • 100 Common Wild Cards
  • 2 Chest Keys
  • 25 Crown Chests (contains Gems & cards of any rarity)
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REWARDS: Season 26 is live. Get your rewards now!

Next Boosted Cards


In addition to the new Pass Royale rewards, developers announced the schedule for boosting cards. Each Friday, the community will vote from 4 different choices. Each week will be a different rarity.

Votes end every Monday, and the winning card will receive a boosted during the week they are elected!

Here's the schedule to get your vote in:

  • August 6th -> Common Rarity Vote
  • August 13th -> Rare Rarity Vote
  • August 20th -> Epic Rarity Vote
  • August 27th -> Legendary Rarity Vote