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Clash of Clans Spring Update 2022: Release date & patch news

It is rather impressive how far Clash of Clans has come over the last few years. Seeing new updates, skins and events making their way into its servers, there are so many reasons to start playing. If you're looking for the latest information on the Spring update, here's what we know so far.

LATEST - Announcement Soon

Now that we're approaching the end of March, we are due to see the spring update any day now. With it being rumoured to start around the first week of April, we are likely to see an official announcement by the end of this week.

We'll update you right here if any new information comes in.

Clash of Clans Spring Update 2022 Release Date and TIme

The Clash of Clans Spring update release date and time can be a little hard to guess as Supercell only let people know days before the official release. Last year, we saw the update release on April 11th but this year could see it arrive from anywhere between April 1st and April 20th.

We'll update you right here as soon as we know the exact date. Outside of following us, the best way to know when these updates are coming is by following the Clash of Clans Twitter account. They don't tend to tweet all that frequently but when they do, they give good information about the future of the game.

This tends to include information on the latest clan games, new seasons and bug fixes.

What could be coming?

Last year, we saw the introduction of Town Hall 14, new builders, hero pets and a decent bit more than that. It also reduced some building costs, letting people upgrade their towns much quicker. As the game continues to grow, the cost to start up and get far becomes much less.

It seems likely we will see something like this in the spring update - new ways of bringing the game forward in the year. This is likely just the start of where it will go so it's worth keeping an eye on what changes. If certain fighters get better, others will only follow suit.

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