Clash of Clans November 2021 Clan Games Rewards

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Clash of Clans has been pretty great at constantly bringing players back with new updates and regular events. Now that Halloween is over, we're looking forward to seeing what they do in November. This is what you should know about Clash of Clans' November's clan games rewards.

Clash of Clans November 2021 Clan Games Rewards

We don't know what November's clan games rewards will be but we will likely know at some point over the next two weeks. Keep an eye out and make sure to follow the Twitter to keep up to date.

We'll update you right here as soon as we find out.

General Tips

Although we don't know what we will see just yet, we do have some tips that should help you:

  • Get your challenges out of the way nice and early to net you additional points.
  • The Strongman's Caravan will arrive, signifying the start of the clan games.
  • Make sure to check out all the challenges from the start to know what you should tackle first
  • Get your town hall to level 6 to start them
  • New challenges will unlock as soon as you finish the old ones
  • At the end of the clan games, rewards are divided among clan members

Last Month's Rewards

Here are the rewards for October:

Tier 1

  • 1 Research Potion
  • 20 Gems
  • 1 Training Potion
  • 20 Clan Experience

Tier 2

  • 20% Treasury Gold
  • 20% Treasury Elixir
  • 1 Resource Potion
  • 40 Clan Experience

Tier 3

  • 1 Builder Potion
  • 1 Power Potion
  • 40 Gems
  • 60 Clan Experience

Tier 4

  • 100% Treasury Dark Elixir
  • 6 Wall Rings
  • 1 Shovel of Obstacle
  • 80 Clan Experience

Tier 5

  • 1 Rune of Builder Gold
  • 2 Builder Potions
  • 80% Treasury Gold
  • 100 Clan Experience

Tier 6

  • 1 Book of Building
  • 1 Rune of Gold
  • 100 Gems
  • 120 Clan Experience