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How to get 3-Stars on the new 9th Clashiversary Challenge in Clash of Clans

Supercell is celebrating the 9th Anniversary of Clash of Clans and that means there's a new 9th Clashiversary Challenge to tackle as a part of the month's events! Here's everything you need to know about how you can get the most from this year's big challenge!

How to 3-Star the 9th Clashiversary Challenge

  • Step One
    • Deploy three Standard Wizards around the new obstacle to trigger the traps in the area;
    • Be sure to deploy them around the area to lure the Clan Castle forces out from the Clan Castle;
Clash of Clans 9th Clashiversary Challenge
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WIZARD BAIT - In the early stages, you need to draw the Clan Castle troops out
  • Step Two
    • Employ a similar strategy around the 8th Anniversary Cake to the upper-right side of the base;
    • Continue to lure the Clan Castle forces with spaced-out placement;
  • Step Three
  • Continue to lure troops in the bottom-left area;
  • Use Wizards sparingly to make sure you lure out Headhunter from Clan Castle;
Clash of Clans 9th Clashiversary Challenge
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DRAW THEM OUT - You should start to see a lot of troops coming out now
  • Step Four
    • Use one Standard Wizard in the centre-bottom opening to set off all the Skeleton traps in the area;
  • Step Five
    • Deploy 3 Party Wizards to the Archer Tower on the East;
    • Make sure they are slightly below the Archer Tower so they move down to tackle the Skeletons after;
  • Step Six
    • Employ the same strategy on the South Archer Tower;
    • Be sure to place them slightly above to continue to group Clan Castle troops;
  • Step Seven
    • Sparingly deploy Standard Wizards one by one to continue to pull all the Clan Castle troops together;
Clash of Clans 9th Clashiversary Challenge
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GROUP THEM UP - This is a vital step in 3-Star success
  • Step Eight
    • When grouped, Freeze the entire group and then deploy the following troops spread out around the frozen Clan Castle troops;
      • King
      • Super Wizards (x5)
      • Queen
      • Warden
  • Step Nine
    • Drop a Healing Spell on them when they are finished and start to enter the enemy base;
    • It is worth using a Freeze Spell on the single-target Inferno Tower to stop the King from using his ability prematurely, too;
  • Step Ten
    • When they reach the Town Hall, use the King Ability and then the Warden Ability a second later;
    • It is worth preemptively dropping a Healing Spell on the area to prevent the Super Wizards from dying;
    • Use Invisibility Spell on Super Wizards a few seconds after the Warden Ability;
  • Step Eleven
    • Once the Town Hall Giga Bomb has gone off, use a Healing Spell, a Haste Spell, and Invisibility Spells to continue to protect the Super Wizards in the fight;
Clash of Clans 9th Clashiversary Challenge
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FINISH IT OFF - Freeze spells and extra Wizards should see off the remaining defenses
  • Step Twelve
    • Drop the Royal Champion near the South Archer Tower;
    • It's worth keeping an eye on the Scatter-Shot and using a Freeze Spell;
    • Activate the Royal Champion ability as soon as the Freeze ends and use a couple more Party Wizards to clean up the second one;

All credit goes to Judo Sloth Gaming for his work at completing the 9th Clashiversary Challenge.