Can you play 1v1 modes at all in Splitgate?

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Splitgate has exploded onto the scene with hundreds of thousands of players and more than a few server issues in response. Spending years in early access, it's finally getting ready for its full release so you may be wondering how to access some of its best functions. You can read about the future of the game in our extended interview right now.

Can You Play 1v1 in Splitgate?

The 1v1 is the tool of the cocky and the skillful. If someone thinks they're better than you, there's no better way to show your prowess than a nice 1v1. Here's how to access them and what you should know about them.


Public Match

As of right now, there is no public match option for 1v1 matches. To get a 1v1 experience, your closest example is the showdown / takedown game modes.

Luckily, this isn't the only way of playing Splitgate. The private option won't let you level up but it will let you play some nice custom modes.


Custom Matches

If you want to actually play a 1v1 mode, you will have to move into custom matches. Here's how you do it.

Splitgate Custom Matches

From the main menu, click on the play option. It will then show you all the modes available. From here, move over to the custom matches mode. From here, you can look for a 1v1 server or create your own.


To create your own, click on the create button at the bottom of the screen. Call your server something distinct and click on the private server option.

Set your own password, then set the max player count to 2. You now have a 1v1 custom server. You can make it open if you want to play against random players online. Just turn off the private server option to let new players in.