Bully 2: Release Date, Leaks and everything you need to know

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Bully was a bit of an odd game for Rockstar. Released over 15 years ago, it saw Rockstar's open-world formula set loose on a school with a fittingly tough protagonist. Recently, we've heard some news about Bully 2. Here's what you should know.

Was Bully 2 supposed to show up at the Game Awards?

Before we give the information, it's, perhaps, more important to establish who exactly Tom Henderson is. He's an industry insider who is well known for reporting on leaks and giving information ahead of their official confirmation.


Although it can occasionally be a little off, he's a reputable source. Part of getting to this information early is that it's always subject to change. You should take his tweets with a grain of salt but they're generally pretty good.

Recently, Henderson reported that Bully 2 was expected as a surprise announcement at the Game Awards, but was held back for some reason.

The Game Awards didn't have a big announcement at the end as expected.


Release Date

With this information comes the question "When does Bully 2 come out?" Rockstar tends to really take their time with games so it seems like this could be a few years away.

Perhaps their hesitance to announce it is due to the lack of a release date. It seems likely it won't arrive any time over the next year, so maybe a release date of 2023 is the best bet?

Where could Bully 2 be set?

There are so many potential places the series could go from here. Most likely we could see Jimmy Hopkins at University or maybe an entirely new student back at Bullworth Academy.


If not following Jimmy along his next steps or revisiting Bullworth Academy, we may get a whole new school and accompanying town to wreak havoc in.