Is Bugsnax Coming To Xbox Consoles In The Future?

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Could a Bugsnax Xbox release be on the way? During a Reddit AMA, developers Young Horses hinted at such a thing.

Bugsnax transports players to the mysterious Snaktooth Island, a land filled with half-bug-half-snack creatures and littered with Grumpuses.

The game was shipped as a launch title for the PS5 via PS Plus, as well as being available on the Epic Games Store. Now, though... Could it be coming to other platforms?


Developer AMA

During the AMA with Young Horses, fans got the chance to ask almost whatever they wanted regarding Bugsnax.

While there was some omission of information, as developer Young Horses didn't answer everything, we did get some exciting information about the future of Bugsnax.

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Although there are "no specific plans right now", Young Horses would love to bring the game to other platforms.

Bugsnax Xbox Bunger
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BUNGER - Just one of the tasty Bugsnax on Snaktooth Island

This answer was given in response to an Xbox launch and a similar statement was made in reference to a Nintendo Switch Port.

As for Steam? It seems that Bugsnax will remain and Epic Games exclusive on PC. For now, anyway.


PS Plus Launch

Bugsnax was released in November as a PS5 launch title to much fanfare.

Players praised the hidden depth to the game's narrative and the cast of colourful characters.

Despite its' PS Plus launch, Bugsnax has outsold Young Horse's Octodad: Dadliest Catch and has proven to be a welcome change of pace for many players.

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The AMA may have played down the development of VR Support, but Young Horses' activity confirms that this game has a lot of life left in it.

Bugnsax Xbox Filbo Mayor
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MAYOR? - Filbo is the mayor, although you'll be helping him more than he helps you!

More Bugsnax content was confirmed by the developers, alongside comments regarding bug fixing. However vague the statement, this is a welcome comment for fans.

Bugsnax might come to Xbox consoles in the future, but I wouldn't count on a release date any time soon.