Borderlands 3 New Varkid Raid Boss Revealed

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Borderlands 3 is getting a brand new Varkid Raid Boss, courtesy of the long-awaited Director's Cut add-on.

Recently, Gearbox Software revealed new information about the next add-on coming to the stylised first-person shooter and everyone is talking about one thing.

The Director's Cut add-on will add a new batch of cosmetic items, Vault Card challenges, a series of new story missions and... A new Varkid Raid Boss.

Borderlands 3 Varkid Raid Boss Director's Cut
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BEHEMOTH - Hemovorous sounds like this Varkid would... Eat blood? Lovely.

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Here's everything we know so far about this legendary post-game challenge.


New Raid Boss

Can we be real for a second? We all know that Varkids in Borderlands 3 suck. They swarm you annoyingly, can be hard to hit, and seemingly always pop out of nowhere.

The new Raid Boss, Hemovorous the Invincible, is a "gargantuan Varkid" and the perfect place to get revenge on every annoying regular Varkid that has inconvenienced you during your playthrough.

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Gearbox Software's post detailing what to expect from Borderlands 3's new Varkid Raid Boss shares some exciting information about what's to come.

How Strong is the New Raid Boss?

One thing that Borderlands 3 players can often find annoying is being too powerful for an in-game boss.


Sometimes, you've just levelled up too much and any reward you might get from a boss fight is worth little more than the effort you've put into it.

Well, Gearbox Software knows that pain and have announced that Hemovourous the Invincible will scale accordingly based on two factors: Character levels beyond 35 and the current Mayhem modifier.

This means they're not wrong when they say that this will be "one of the greatest end-game challenges veteran Vault Hunters can find."

Raid Cost

One thing that might put players off the new Raid, though, is the cost of the whole thing.

" Get your group to pony up 500 Eridium to open the door and you can shoot your shot against this deadly behemoth."

Eridium is essentially the premium currency used in Borderlands 3 and 500 Eridium isn't a small sum to cough up.

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You can find Eridium scattered about the various locations found in Borderlands 3, though. It's also sometimes a mission reward and you can even get it in some Slot Machines.

Borderlands 3 Varkid Raid Boss Eridium Vein
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ERIDIUM VEIN - This is what it will look like in-game; It's worth keeping an eye out for it!

If you find an Eridium vein though, you can harvest 2-4 Eridium from it if you get the Eridian Resonator from the Beneath the Meridian quest.

Without this, melee hits will not break the Eridium crystals. This means, 500 Eridium could be a bit of a grind...

At least Gearbox Software is convinced it will be worth it.