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Bloodborne 2 Rumors: Is Sony developing a sequel?

It's been six years since From Software's Bloodborne hit the scene.

Fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since the credits rolled on the first game.

News about another entry has been scarce, but recent findings with Sony's acquisitions could mean there's something coming down the pipeline.

Here's what we know about the most recent rumors surrounding Bloodborne 2.

Bloodborne 2 sequel rumors

BLOODY BATTLES -- Could another Bloodborne game be on its way?
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BLOODY BATTLES -- Could another Bloodborne game be on its way?

In a Reddit post on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, user u/WATEVADATFKNMEANS acknowledged a recent deal between Sony and From Software.


Sony acquired a 1.9 percent stake of Kadokawa, From Software's parent company.

This deal was struck to help in the "creation, development, and acquisition" of the "abundant IP that [Sony and From Software] already own."

This could potentially be referring to games like Bloodborne 2.

There's nothing concrete here in the findings from Kadokawa's latest financial earnings (via VGC), but it's very much a possibility.

Sony's additional From Software exclusive

DEMONIC DESIRES -- Players can't wait to get their hands on a new installment.
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DEMONIC DESIRES -- Players can't wait to get their hands on a new installment.

This development ties in with an earlier rumor from the same subreddit from user u/FLACO1942, which analyzed the some 18 unannounced PS5 exclusives that could be in the works.


This cabal of games includes a new collaboration with From Software.

Given that we already got a Demon's Souls remake, it could be possible that this From Software collaboration is a remastered version of Bloodborne.

The Reddit post lined out rumors from NeoGAF user who previously frequented NeoGAF and had some ideas abut the project.

"Making a long story short, Sony said they were interested in a potential Bloodborne remaster for PS5, with a lot more work done, like some QoL added and some cut-content being introduced," they said.

"Both From Software and Sony agreed to not just up the resolution and the framerate, but to make something great."

"FromSoftware has been authorized to release the game on PC, but only some months after the remaster hits PS5."

"Last time I heard about it, Bloodborne remaster would be part of PS5 line-up, but I don't quite believe it since I think the spotlight will be stolen by another similar title [Demon's Souls] that should be announced in June.

Given that the Demon's Souls remake already happened, this could very well be what comes to fruition.

As with all similar rumors, we'll have to adopt a "wait and see" approach.

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