Battlefield 1: Best Sniper Class rifle

The sniper class is one of controversy in Battlefield 1, and by reading this article you will be adding to it by knowing the best sniper for you. 

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The scout class is loved by its uses, but loathed by its victims. There are many sniper rifles available to the class, and in this article I’ll help you pick the right one for you. In Battlefield 1, snipers usually kill with a single headshot, or two body shots, but every rifle has a “sweet spot” a distance that the rifle will kill someone in one shot to the chest. This introduces a whole other dynamic into picking the right gun for you, other than just the base statistics. I won’t bore you with charts and data, and just give you facts. In my opinion the two best snipers are the Russian 1895 Sniper and the Gewehr 98 Sniper.

The two rifles are very similar, but the Russian 1895 is better for more fast paced and aggressive snipers, where the Gewehr is best suited for a more traditional sniping role. This shows in their attributes, as the Russian 1895 has significantly better recoil and hip fire accuracy than the Gewehr. It in turn has a faster bullet velocity and reload, allowing you to hit further away targets easier.

I personally use both, but lean more towards the Gewehr. I like the added bullet velocity, and don’t mind the recoil it has mostly gone by the time I have the next round in the chamber. I do swap to the Russian, though, if a point is being taken or I’m playing a game of rush. It is never dusty on my virtual weapon rack. 

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