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Best Racers on EA Sports FC 24: Speeding up Toward Victory

Best Racers on EA Sports FC 24: Speeding up Toward Victory

EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts, is a company that develops and produces sports video games. Amongst other games, FC is undoubtedly their most popular game, with millions of players each year. With so many gamers worldwide, fans are eager to find out the fastest players to place on their teams each year.

Two essential characteristics of a good player in the EAFC are pace and speed. Getting the quickest players is essential since they have the potential to win for your squad. They are almost hard to outrun due to their speed. Get your quickest players ready, from the renowned Kylian Mbappé to the amazing Delphine Cascarino.

1. Kylian Mbappé (97)

The fact that Mbappé is once again considered the quickest player this season comes as no surprise. He now plays center forward for Paris Saint-Germain and has an amazing pace, acceleration and sprint speed of 97. Since he is the only player in the top 10 with this score, Mbappé is the ideal addition to a squad.
Be careful to balance out your squad since, despite his exceptional speed, Mbappé lacks versatility in his defensive talents. His other unique play styles include trivela, which involves passes and shoots with the outside of the foot and flair, which consists of intricate passes and shots executed with increased precision.

2. Karim Adeyemi (96)

Adeyemi, the only player with a score of 96, comes in second on this list at the young age of 21. Adeyemi is a versatile player for Borussia Dortmund, serving as a winger, offensive midfielder and striker.

Adeyemi's abilities include much more than just his speed, which is a plus for playing him. Besides, he has an amazing range of play styles, including aerial, acrobatic, chip shots and flair.

3. Sirlord Conteh (95)

Although Conteh's quick acceleration and speed earn him the highest FC 24 rating, his dribbling and passing abilities are subpar. Do the benefits exceed the drawbacks? This SC Paderborn player has been widely recognized for years for his speed on the field, so place your bets on him with the best betting apps for FC 24.

It's evident from examining Conteh's other skill sets that speed is his forte. On the other hand, his acrobatic abilities will bring you an exciting and fast-moving play.

4. Vinicius Jr. (95)

Another player that will be difficult for opponents to stop is Vini Jr. This Real Madrid star is a terrific choice to help your squad succeed since he is not only quick but also has good ratings in shooting, passing, dribbling and physicality.

What about his methods of play? In addition to speed, Vinicus Jr. excels in first touch, trivela, flair, chip shots and finesse shots.

5. Alphonso Davies (95)

Davies' speed has improved from 94 to 95 this season, despite his overall rating falling from 84 to 83. This Bayern Munich left-back/winger is a fantastic addition to your squad if you're ready to take a chance.

Although his main play style is rapidity, Davies excels in almost every skill area outside speed, so utilize him carefully.

6. Moussa Diabey (95)

A standout player in the Premier League, Diabey is gaining popularity on EA Sports. This Aston Villa right-winger, who is ranked in the middle of the pack in the quickest players rating, is a valuable member of your side.

Beyond just being fast, Diabey's amazing dribbling abilities may help your FC 24 squad succeed. Quick and clever? Your group will be superior to gold.

7. Trinity Rodman (94)

The inclusion of female football players on this 2024 list is amazing. For EA Sports, the Lionesses' outstanding achievement at the World Cup this year has undoubtedly made great female players famous. Rodman, a forward with the Washington Spirit, has exceptional skill and speed. With the exception of defense, she excels in all areas, demonstrating Rodman's dominance against FC 24 opponents.

Rodman, at age 21, is among the youngest players on this list of the top 10, which makes this accomplishment even more remarkable. Her other play styles include trivela, trickster, finesse shots, flare and relentlessness; her portfolio is quite exceptional.

8. Delphine Cascarino (94)

Another female athlete who is enjoying herself in the EA Sports FC 24 season is Cascarino. Cascarino is a striker and winger for Lyon, a Division 1 Féminine team. She is an invaluable member of any team due to her remarkable talents.

Cascarino may also benefit from other helpful play styles, such as trivela and technical. She is an excellent addition to a squad, providing acceleration, speed and many other exceptional skills (balance, agility and ball handling).

9. Sheraldo Becker (94)

Becker is a fantastic option to give your FC 24 side extreme pace since he plays forward for Union Berlin, a Bundesliga team. Even though Becker has poor passing and defense ratings, his speed, shooting and dribbling abilities could be enough to persuade you that he's the ideal player to lead your team to success.

If you're looking for someone who can move quickly, Becker would be a great addition to your team.

10. Iñaki Williams (94)

Despite being the oldest athlete in the top 10 at the age of 29, Williams' remarkable speed shouldn't be diminished by his advanced years. He is a striker for Athletic Bilbao and his team has played more than 250 games in a row, a testament to the importance of his speed.

Williams is very good at rapid steps, trivela and chip shots, among other play types.


Are you prepared to assemble a strong team? These athletes can propel you to the top if you want extraordinary speed, acceleration and velocity. Not to mention, they have additional amazing qualities that will prime you for an amazing FC 24 season.

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