09 Jun 2021 12:02 PM +00:00

New Battlefield 6 screens leak ahead of official reveal teaser

We've just seen some new leaked images from Battlefield 6 uploaded online ahead of the official reveal stream.

Here's everything we know so far. Take things with a grain of salt, as always, but we'll make sure we keep every source updated.

LATEST - New Leaked Battlefield Images


We're a few hours away from the official reveal stream from EA DICE, but that hasn't stopped leakers and data miners from sharing new images from the next Battlefield title.

There's not really anything too out of the ordinary for a modern-day Battlefield title, but there's still a lot to look forward to if you're more of a fan of Battlefield 4 than Battlefield V.

You can check some of it out below, which apparently was leaked from Origin itself. It seems to confirm that the new title is going to be called Battlefield 2042.


Leaked Screencaps From Trailer

That's right! We've got some brand new Battlefield 6 leaks for you. We already knew that this title was going to signal the return of "all-out-warfare" (even though we don't really think they're missing that in Battlefield 1 and V) and we also know that it is supposedly just called "Battlefield".

However... That's pretty much all we know. Thankfully, it looks like we might be getting a new reveal soon as a couple of leaked images have popped up.

According to CharlieIntel, the leak was "sitting on Reddit for over two weeks" before it was actually spotted.

Either way, you can check it out below and the ever-insightful Tom Henderson has confirmed that these images are apparently true.

The images themselves just show an island/coastline of some kind and then a low-rendering of an Attack Helicopter interior (by our guesses).

Of course, there are also claims that these are from an old build of Battlefield and/or fake due to their quality. Henderson also had a response to those claims too...

What do you think? Is this image legit? If so... Is it going to make it into the final cut of any reveal trailers we might see later this month?