Battlefield 6 reveal teased in mysterious trailer

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Battlefield 6 has been confirmed via an earning call and will be the first title in the series to be developed for the next-generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Now that it has been confirmed, fans are waiting for any details they can get about the upcoming Battlefield 6.

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A mysterious "trailer" for Battlefield 6 has appeared online, but is it real?

Phase 3 now active

A YouTube channel called "Phase 3 now active" has posted a "new" teaser for Battlefield 6, hinting at when we will find out the release date of the game.


The channel, with 474 subscribers, was only created in November 2020.


It's About section just had the sentence "Only the elite will step into the future first." along with both the EA website and Twitch channel being linked.

Phase 3 now active doesn't have much content on it, only four videos, but they are all focused around Battlefield 6.

Its first video is a countdown with a remix of a piece of music from Battlefield.

The countdown is leading to a date approximate 21 years in the future in 2042.

This is 100 years before Battlefield 2142 is set, could the next entry in the series be called Battlefield 2042?

Thee other videos on the channel seem to use assets from older Battlefield titles, along with communications in Russian.

A Mysterious Teaser


A new video, titled Time Is Running Out, has been posted to the channel.

Once again we see some older Battlefield assets be used, along with Russian communications.

The video ends with the date March 23rd and the Twitch logo.

This could mean that the official reveal trailer for Battlefield 6 could be revealed via the official Battlefield Twitch channel on March 23rd.

Is It Real?

While it is difficult to point to the videos and channel being real or fake without confirmation from EA, all signs point to it potentially being fake.

The videos are all fairly low quality and use old Battlefield assets along with real Russian communications, rather than dialogue recorded specifically for the games or trailers.

There is a possibility that the low-quality videos are a design choice, perhaps it plays into the story, potentially a small rogue group with no budget to create high-quality propaganda videos.

Or, it is fan-made and entirely fake, which we believe so, we will just have to wait until March 23rd and see if Battlefield 6 is officially revealed.