Is Battlefield 6 going to give us a Kazakhstan map?

Has one of the first Battlefield 6 locations been uncovered? Where is EA's next large-scale shooter taking us next?

After the announcement that Criterion is pausing development on the next Need For Speed title to help DICE with Battlefield 6, rumours and leaks have been rife regarding what's to come.

However, has EA been leaving hints all along? Some eagle-eyed fans think they might have found something important.

Is Battlefield 6 Headed Here?

How did people arrive at this conclusion is the real question. Thankfully, we have something of an answer for that.

Redditors have started to spot numbers in-game and during the EA Next-Gen Technology Showcase that all point to one place: Kazakhstan.

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Below, we found a short YouTube clip that highlights what we mean:

Although it might seem like a stretch, with Battlefield 6 reportedly returning to a modern-day setting it isn't outside of the realms of possibility to have somewhere like Kazakhstan represented in-game.

The Series Is A Global One

This being said, the Battlefield series is notoriously spread across more than one location and nation.

So, although Kazakhstan might feature in the title we can't say with any confidence or certainty that this is the only location that will appear.

Battlefield 6 Kazakhstan Battlefield 1 Key art
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Both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V featured a global approach to in-game locations and maps and we can't imagine DICE and EA are going to change this going forward.

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That being said, it is exciting that more information about the next large-scale shooter is coming to light. Fireteam Dirty Bomb is good, but Black Ops Cold War just isn't built for such scale...

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