Will Battlefield 6 Have a Battle Royale Mode?

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The Battlefield franchise is long-running and much beloved. Its large scale vehicular combat serves as the perfect salve to the more intimate, infantry-focused gameplay of its long time rival, Call of Duty.

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We have been seeing leaks for Battlefield 6 (not its official name) all year, pointing to all kinds of interesting tidbits that may or may not make their way into the final product.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Date


We do know that we are on the cusp of learning a whole lot more; the Battlefield Twitter account recently announced that the game would be getting an official reveal on June 9.

One burning question on the lips of every shooter fan is: will Battlefield 6 have a Battle Royale mode?

Will Battlefield 6 Feature a Battle Royale Mode?

It would make sense, the Battle Royale genre is still incredibly popular, with Fortnite, Warzone and Apex: Legends still going strong, and commanding impressive player bases.

The Battlefield games would translate incredibly well into the Battle Royale formula, and so it stands to reason DICE would look to give the people what they want!

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WHERE ARE WE DROPPING BOYS - The Battlefield franchise would be the perfect fit for a Battle Royale-style game mode.

Release Date


There are a lot of things we still don't know about the next Battlefield game. We don't know when it's releasing, although we do have a release window.

We also don't know if Battlefield 6 will have a Battle Royale mode for certain yet.

It would make a lot of sense for EA DICE to include one, though. Sure, Firestorm, Battlefield 5's take on the Battle Royale genre didn't exactly set the world on fire, but it was a step in the right direction.

With its high player count, massive maps, and excellent vehicle mechanics, the potential for a Battle Royale game in Battlefield 6 is massive, if implemented right.

With the June 9 reveal event fast approaching, we will know a lot more in just a few short days time.