Battlefield 2042 Portal: How to Play Classic Maps

Launching without a traditional campaign mode, Battlefield 2042 needed something else to grab players' attention. The answer was... nostalgia, because that never fails. Through the new Battlefield 2042 Portal mode, you can now play classic maps from the series, complete with your own rules and regulations. If you want to jump into them yourself, here's a guide on how to play classic maps in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode.

For now, the maps on offer in Portal are pretty limited, with them only coming from a selection of past Battlefield games. However, this gives EA and DICE plenty of options when it comes to adding maps as DLC in the future.

How to Play Classic Maps in Battlefield 2042 Portal

If you want to dive straight into Battlefield Portal and ignore the newer modes or 2042 specific multiplayer action, you first need to select Portal from the game's main menu.

Then, you have a few options. You can choose between any of the following:

  • VIP Fiesta
  • Battlefield 1942 Classic Conquest
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Rush
  • Battlefield 3 Conquest
  • Browse Community Experiences

All but Community Experiences will immediately see you matched into a game with the map and mode selected. If you want to be more precise with the rules of the game you're put into, select the Community option.

All of the maps in these options will be old, as all the maps in Portal are.

battlefield 2042, portal, old maps
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Creating Your Own Portal

Alternatively, you can create your own server, with your own rules and settings.

You can head to to build your own Battlefield 2042 Portal playlist experience, choosing the old map and rules that suit your tastes best.

That creation will then appear in your game, under your own created Portal experiences. You can then start a server with the rules you created, for anyone to jump into if they'd like.

I'm sure, as Battlefield 2042 comes out of early access, more people will want to test out community created experiences, so don't be disheartened if yours don't get that much attention from the start.

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