More Battlefield 2042 intel from EA DICE is on the way with EA Play Live

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Battlefield 2042 is on the way and it looks like it could be one of the best Battlefield games from EA DICE yet. Battlefield 2042 promises huge maps, action-packed gameplay and... Robot dogs. What's not to love? Here's the latest...

LATEST - Battlefield 2042 @ EA PLAY Live

We might be a little in the dark about the finer details of Battlefield 2042, but that is about to change. EA's EA PLAY Live is right around the corner and Battlefield Unredacted is going to reveal everything we need to know about Hazard Zone and the mysterious third pillar of Battlefield 2042's core gameplay experience.

" Tune in to EA PLAY Live on July 22 and watch the reveal of this love letter to Battlefield fans and long-time players, developed by DICE LA."

EA PLAY Live is due to start at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on July 22nd, but we might not see anything from Battlefield 2042 appear until around 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 18:30 BST. You can find the live stream of the showcase below:


There are rumours that the showcase is going to last around 40 minutes, but this hasn't been confirmed. All we know is that Battlefield 2042 is going to appear alongside the new FIFA and Madden titles in an exciting presentation.

Battlefield 2042 Might Not Have Ray-Tracing

We know it isn't too major in the grand scheme of things, but it's worth noting... Right?

Nvidia recently revealed that Battlefield 2042 is going to make the most of their GeForce 20 and GeForce 30 GPUs; This includes DLSS support and Reflex features from the start. This is all well and good, but there's one thing missing from their recent press release... Ray-Tracing.

Ray-Tracing is a development technique that has become the cutting edge and a lot of people are expecting a game of Battlefield 2042's stature, and price, to include it.

What's interesting is that, as Gamespot reports, Nvidia only mentioned Ray-tracing in regards to DOOM Eternal in their press release. Bethesda's DOOM title has just received an update to support both DLSS features and Ray-Tracing.


We're expecting to learn more about how Battlefield 2042 will look on both next-gen consoles and PC at EA's EA Play Live event scheduled for July 22nd.

Hazard Zone Is Battlefield 2042's Battle Royale Mode

After initially stating that a Battle Royale mode would not feature at launch, it appears this was a bit misleading.

Trusted Battlefield leaker @_Tom_Henderson_ on Twitter has stated that Hazard Zone is a Battle Royale mode, just not in the traditional sense.

Hazard Zone is set to scratch the itch for those looking for a Battle Royale mode, and there is scope for a more traditional straight up Battle Royale should it be needed after release.


Battlefield 2042 Release Date

We don't have an official announcement from EA DICE just yet, but Origin's premature update has suggested that Battlefield 2042 is due to launch on October 15th, 2021. This has also been suggested by industry insider and commentator Tom Henderson, which you can see below:

The fact that Battlefield 2042 is releasing in the middle of October doesn't really surprise anyone here, but it does make things interesting when it comes to "COD 2021".

A similar release date is anticipated for the next Call of Duty title and the two series are unofficially rivals when it comes to vying for the dominant first-person shooter spot on people's consoles. We're not sure whether Battlefield 2042 will be affected by a close-proximity Call of Duty release but it's hard to imagine that it didn't affect Battlefield V's launch.

New Trailers & Teasers

Battlefield 2042 is just being confirmed by a reveal stream from EA DICE. We're expecting a short teaser trailer to showcase a little bit about where Battlefield is taking us next but not a whole lot of information about the gameplay and the scale of the title.


You can check out the Battlefield reveal stream below:

According to sources, further development on this reveal is due during the Summer Game Fest stream on June 10th and we are expecting to see Battlefield appear in some capacity during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 2021 and at EA Play 2021 in July.

Leaked Screenshots & More

At the moment, the only other thing we have to talk about is the leaked screenshots that have allegedly been uploaded to EA's Origin storefront a tad early.

These sorts of leaks aren't uncommon, with changing timezones often causing confusion for global teams. However, you can imagine that it's a bit painful for whoever made the mistake so close to any official reveal.

Okami has shared the images from the Reddit Post that uncovered them below:


An official game description was also uncovered via Origin:

" U.S.A. and Russia stand at the brink of war. Proxy wars have waged for decades, generating experienced but displaced combat veterans. These Specialists use their skills to shape the future — a future worth fighting for."
"Battlefield 2042 introduces 7 vast maps for up to 128* players. From Seoul’s cities to Egypt’s deserts, every map offers a unique experience based on the natural environment."
"Customize weapons, gadgets and vehicles in-battle to tip the scales in your favor. Summon a robotic dog built for battle, employ a grappling hook or don your very own wingsuit."
"Choose your role on the battlefield and form hand-tailored squads through the new Specialist system. Based on Battlefield’s four Classes, Specialists have one unique Specialty and Trait – but the rest of the loadout is fully customizable.