Battlefield 1: Top 3 starter items

There is such a wide variety of items in BF1 that it can be overwhelming, so this short list gives you the top-three essentials that you need to start off. 

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Battlefield 1 is the first Battlefield game for a lot of people, and the wide variety of things available can be overwhelming. This short guide gives you the essential top-three things that you need to pick up straight away to get you going, and have you dominating your opposition.

3. Airbust mortars

DICE haven’t learnt their lesson from Battlefield games of the past, and mortars are yet again overpowered. Mortars are available to the support class, and come in a couple of variants, but the airbust type is by far the best. When you shoot the airbust shell it explodes in the sky, and rains down multiple explosives onto the enemy. It is an essential bit of equipment for clearing out stubborn defenders and objectives, and is available from the second that you start the game.

2. Medical crate

When you start off as the medic you have Bandage Pouches, which restore a big amount of health in a small amount of time. However, it’s a one time use item, and you have to throw down another straight away. This can be a time consuming process if you or your allies are low on health, and can be the death of you if you’re under heavy fire. The Medical Crate is a better solution as it gives you and your teammates steady and consistent healing, while being usable by multiple people at once. It is instantly unlockable and requires little currency, so is a no brainer to pick up.

1. A new Assault Class weapon

The Assault Class is one of the most effective classes in the game, but the bane of it is the fairly underpowered starter gun. It has suffered a nerf to its effectiveness since the beta, but luckily you can ditch it fairly soon. A great replacement is the M97 Trench Gun shotgun or the Automatico. A shotgun might be a controversial pick, but in Battlefield 1 they are truly great weapons. I picked the M97 up and was blown away by how good it was at close range, due to the good spread and lighting fast pump action. The Automatico is a notoriously good SMG, as it offers an insane RPM. It should be your go-to pick early on if you want something that will shred at CQB.

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