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Battlefield 1: The Ultimate Light Tank guide

When used correctly, the Light Tank can be a formidable and devastating adversary. The only problem that I see with it is that people simply don’t know how to use it effectively. They drive it straight into the front line, trying to blast anyone they see, including Heavy Tanks, only to be destroyed instantly and forget about the vehicle. That’s why I’m writing this helpful guide to introduce you to the Light Tank, and with these three simple points you should be on your away to the top of the leader board.

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Know your limitations

The Light Tank is a great vehicle, but its greatest weakness is in its name. It’s lightly armoured, so a single Assault soldier or a group have the potential to take you out. That’s why you should keep away from the frontlines, and instead pick people off at mid-range. Always play in third person as well, as this gives you a greater field of view to spot enemies, and allows you to see around corners if you manipulate the camera correctly. This will be helpful for spotting your worst enemy, Heavy Tanks. Keep away from them at all costs, as their cannons and armour are much stronger than yours. Your purpose isn’t to take them out, but instead to take out infantrymen, so to do this you need to know how to shoot.

Know how to shoot

Having an accurate shot is the key to success in a Light Tank. You have less splash damage than a Heavy, so if you want to kill someone in a single shot, you have to hit them directly. This is pretty easy to do, as the shots only start arching at reasonable distance. If you encounter a group of enemies, then always target the Assault players first as they are your biggest threat. When picking a spot to begin your reign of terror, make sure there is cover close by, as your four shots go quicker than you think. They take some time to reload as well, so drive behind the cover to protect yourself once you’re all out. This may also trick the enemy into thinking that  you’ve left the area, so it’s a win-win situation.

Positioning and tactics

Positioning is extremely important, as being caught out in the open by a Heavy Tank, or being in a confined space with an Assault soldier could be the end of you. The best option is to flank. This allows you to catch the enemy off guard and pick them off one by one, as well as avoiding Heavy Tanks. A great map to implement this tactic is Amiens as there are multiple narrow streets you can drive up to and shoot down as the enemy try to scramble out. When doing this, however, it is a good idea to change positions after a while. This is because the players you killed are aware of your position, so may come back as an Assault soldier looking for blood. A great tactic to perform if an Assault player is hunting you is to fake repair. If you stop driving and sit stationary, the Assault player may expose himself too much thinking that you are vulnerable, enough for you to take the shot and stop them irritating you.


I hope you take these tips on board and don’t have to learn them the hard way as I did. The Light Tank is probably the most devastating force to infantry once you learn how to use it, but has a lot of counters. You only need to be aware of them and play smart, and you should be rewarded with a lot of time in the vehicle and kills. 

What do you think to the Light Tank in Battlefield 1, do you find it useful? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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