Battlefield 1: Ranking up guide

Ranking in Battlefield I can be puzzling, as the information you vitally need to see progress isn’t available. 

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Two different ranking systems

Ranking up in Battlefield 1 is different to other games, which can lead to some confusion. How it works is you have your main rank, which is prominently displayed at the main menu and the leader board. However, this doesn’t affect you in any way, what really does is your class rank.

What you unlock

Each class has their own rank which, when levelled up, unlocks new toys specific to that class. This means that if you want a new weapon or gadget, you have to play as the class it belongs to until it unlocks. You get the majority of weaponry at Rank 3 with every class, but each one has a final end game gun which can only be unlocked at Rank 10. These include the Hellreigel, Martini Henry, Mondragon, and the Hout. The Hellreigel and Martini Henry are perhaps some of the best weapons in the game, so it is definitely worth ranking up the Assault and Scout classes.

How to rank

But how do you rank them up? Well, it’s pretty simple really, just play with them. Doing literally anything that nets you points while playing as a class will go towards your rank. There are ways to speed up the process however, such as by doing tasks that give you more points. This involves things like planting the bomb in rush, or capturing flags in conquest.

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