Battlefield 1: Best Support Class LMG

The support class in Battlefield 1 is heavily underpowered in comparison with the other classes, but this one weapon will help you compete.

realsport user by admin

The Support class in Battlefield 1 is very underpowered at the moment, so to do well you will a specific gun, and that gun is the BAR. The main issue with the support class’ weapons is that when you start firing you are inaccurate, but improve as you sustain your fire. This cripples the class as at close range you are out gunned by SMGs and at mid range by rifles.

The BAR gives you a fighting chance against your enemies however; as with its combination of high rate of fire and damage you can be competitive at both close and mid range. The biggest disadvantage of the BAR is its low ammo capacity of 20, but what I tend to do is play with it more like an assault rifle than a LMG. If you want something with a few more rounds then the Madsen MG might tempt you more as it has 11 more bullets.

However, it has a slower rate of fire, which is what makes the BAR such a good choice. The Madsen also has the magazine sticking out the top of the gun. This makes it extremely hard to see on the left side of your screen, and actually puts you at a disadvantage because of it. 

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