Battlefield 1: Best Medic Class gun

The medic has some of the best weaponry avaliable in Battlefield 1, with alot of options. So in this article we will slim it down to the best rifle there is.

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When a medic kills you, you see that not everyone is using the same rifle, but a variety. This is different from the Scout who usually packs a Gewewhr 98 or a Russian 1895, so in this article I’ll be trying in pin down what the best gun is for the class.

From looking at the weapon select screen you would think the Cei-Rigotti and Autoloading 8 .35 would be the best rifles. They have middle of the road statistics in comparison to other other rifles, and don’t sacrifice anything in favour of something else. However, a big fault with these rifles, that most people miss, is their puny ammo capacity of five. This means you won’t be able to take out more than a single player, and will often be caught in the middle of your reload.

This encourages you to play further back from the front lines in order to compensate for this, but then you diminish the entire point of a medic. You are meant to be at the front line with your men, keeping them going with medical crates and revives. It is true, you can get variants for the rifles that offer more ammo at the cost of a statistic, but then the main draw of the rifles (balanced statistics) is gone.

So, when looking for a rifle with more ammunition, you immediately turn to the Selbstlader M1916 series and M1907 SL series, which have 26 and 21 rounds respectively. I use the Selbstader as it favors damage and accuracy, where as the M1907 prefers hip fire and control. Any medic gun, regardless of statistics, can’t compete effectively in close quarter combat so the M1907’s attributes are wasted. Fully automatic SMGs and shotguns should outgun you unless under operation of a brain damaged infant.

The Selbstlader M1916 Marksman is a good platform for range and damage, and offers a clear sight picture with a lot of rounds if someone does rush you. The biggest fault the rifle has is its low fire rate of 224 RPM, meaning you can’t rapid fire it as effectively as its counterparts, but that, to me, is overlookable.

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