Battlefield 1: Best Assault Class guns

The Assault Class comes with SMGs and shotguns, and in this short article we will find the best ones that you need to be using. 

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The Assault Class is the class you’ll see the most kills with, as you’ll be in close quarters with an SMG or shotgun, blasting enemies and blowing up tanks.

The Hellriegel boasts an impressive 650 round per minute, meaning you’ll be able to down someone extremely fast, but its greatest attribute is its massive 60 round magazine. This is great, as the bane of all SMGs is the small magazine size that only allows you to kill one or two players, which can put you in some life threatening situations. The Hellriegel doesn’t have this issue however, as you can simply walk into a building and shoot until the only sound left is your enemies crying in envy.

However, there is one major fault with the weapon – it’s a Level 10 unlocked weapon. Ranking in Battlefield 1 is different to previous games. You have your main rank and then class ranks, which when increased unlock weapons specific to that class. The Hellriegel is the final unlock at Rank 10, and takes an extremely long time to reach. The grind for it is a hard one, but using the Automatico and Model 10-A will definitely make the grind a lot more enjoyable.

The Automatico is currently most people’s go to gun for Assault, and for good reason. The Trench variant is the one I recommend, as it has an insane 900 RPM and astounding hip fire accuracy. This makes it ideal for close quarters combat, but is one of the SMGs that suffers from the tiny magazine I mentioned, and with 900 RPM you will be reloading a lot.

Another great option is the Model 10–A Hunter Shotgun. Shotguns in Battlefield 1 are far better in comparison to other titles in the franchise, and the Model 10-A Hunter is the best by far. It offers phenomenal damage and hip fire, allowing you to one shot and two shot kill someone from a surprisingly good distance. It is a fun gun to pick up and roll with in a game of TDM, and I’m always itching for another blast with it. 

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