Battlefield 1 Battlepack Guide

In Battlefield 1 you get skins from Battlepacks, but the system can be confusing and annoying. Here’s the best advice to get the skins you crave. 

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Much like other modern FPSs, Battlefield 1 offers a Battlepack system which gives you skins for your weapons, but it can seem complicated at first. The way you get these Battlepacks is by a random drop at the end of a game that is not based on your performances in the game. This is annoying as you could be top of the team and really make an impact, yet you can be snubbed in your chance to get a drop by someone who went 5-30.

If you don’t want to wait around for a chance to get one, though, you can buy them with scraps. However, if you chose to go down this route you run into a problem. The way you get scraps is from deleting skins you’ve gained from previous Battlepacks, and you get more depending on the rarity. It costs 900 scraps for a legendary Battlepack, but you get under 50 scraps for the standard skins. This means you will be needing to scrap a lot of skins to have a chance at getting one that you want, and even then there’s no guarantee it will be the one.

I guarantee that DICE will make the crates buyable at some point, as the current system already encourages it. It works by rotating out the skins in the Battlepack ever couple of weeks, so this means that if you see one you really want, you won’t be able to grind out enough scraps for it in the time frame that it’s available, so you might as well buy it.  

What I recommend doing is scraping skins for weapons that you don’t use, even if it’s a legendary. Save up your scraps until a skin is available for one of your favourite guns, or even better a couple, then buy away until you get it. This still doesn’t guarantee the skin as it is pure luck, but it is the most effective way possible – other than buying them, if that feature is implemented. 

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