How To Watch The Bandai Namco E3 2021 Presentation

As E3 2021 draws to a close, we only have a few shows left in the schedule. One of these is a presentation from Bandai Namco.

The publisher houses upcoming titles like Elden Ring, House of Ashes and My Friend Peppa Pig. So excuse me while I get my hopes up for the inevitable Peppa Pig DLC for Elden Ring, you know it makes sense.

How To Watch Namco Bandai's E3 Presentation

As is the common theme for E3 2021, there are a few different ways to watch this presentation. You can catch the show over on the Official YouTube channel or Official Twitch channel.

The show is set to kick-off at 10:25pm BST on Tuesday, 15 June.

What Will Be Shown

It appears that Bandai Namco have changed the official name of their show late in the day. It has gone from being the Bandai Namco E3 presentation to Bandai Namco Presents: House of Ashes.

House of Ashes is the latest title in The Dark Pictures Anthology. This hugely underrated series from the creators of Until Dawn has been producing top quality interactive horror stories. It appears the third title, House of Ashes will be the focal point of the presentation.

While this may seem strange for Bandai Namco to do, transparency goes a long way. Many developers and publishers have come under heavy criticism for their E3 showings this year. Capcom in particular ran a 30 minute show which consisted of confirmation of Resident Evil Village DLC, Monster Hunter Rise DLC and a long section on Street Fighter V esports.

Bandai Namco likely want to avoid this kind of feedback and publicity. Being upfront about their presentation will do them well in the long run and we are still excited to see more from House Of Ashes in the mean time. Just don't expect a surprise showing for Elden Ring or, more importantly, My Friend Peppa Pig.

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