Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay: Head of Crystal Dynamics confirms playable heroes, multiple story choices & alternative endings

The latest addition to the roster, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, will have a central role in the plot.

The latest addition to the Avengers roster is Ms. Marvel, though the developers have promised to add more playable heroes via free DLC (such as Hawkeye).

Marvel’s Avengers will have six playable heroes at launch, as confirmed by Scot Amos (Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics) in an interview at the recent Lucca Comics and Games 2019 convention.

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In addition to this, the developers have confirmed unique storylines and endings for players.

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Ms. Marvel takes centre stage

Since debuting in 2013 in the pages of Captain Marvel #14, Kamala Khan has become something of a phenomenon. 

BOOM – Kamala Khan will have unique powers that take the game in a new direction

The Jersey City teenager (known for her adoration of Captain America) has gone from breakout comic character to fan favourite, appearing in everything from animated television shows to her upcoming Disney series.

She’s not just there to become part of the bandwagon – Ms. Marvel is very much the centrepiece of one of the most anticipated games of the year.

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“She’s our games’ protagonist,” revealed MacLeod Andrews, so you’ll get to experience the Avengers story through her unique perspective.

Story choices & multiple endings

During the previously mentioned interview, Amos also revealed that the plot will allow for player choices that eventually lead to multiple story endings.

THE END – We are yet to hear how players will be able to influence the ending of their game

“There will be alternative endings, yes. And in any case, the credits will not be the end: the contents we will publish in the months following the launch will continue to expand the experience”

From this, we can expect consistently great downloadable content over the months following the game’s release.

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Again, it’s a bit unclear how these multiple endings will be explored.

Crystal Dynamics hasn’t spoken about making story choices (at least not in-depth) as their team isn’t ready to talk about this aspect of the game in much detail.

That said, with the game launching in May, we will presumably hear more about this in the near future.

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