25 Nov 2021 3:08 PM +00:00 UTC

Avengers Game Spider-Man DLC Release Time: When does it drop?

Marvel's Avengers has been waiting for New York's Webslinger for some time now - in fact, a very long time. Now, though, Spider-Man himself is finally going to be added to Square Enix's Avengers game as a DLC hero - the only question is what time is it going to release? Here's everything you need to know.

SPIDER-MAN RELEASE TIME - When does he drop?

Spider-Man is set to be added to Marvel's Avengers on November 30th in a Hero Event titled "With Great Power". We haven't heard anything from Square Enix on what time this is going to be released - however, that doesn't mean we're clueless.

Looking at Marvel's Avengers' most-recent expansion - the War for Wakanda DLC that added Black Panther to the game - was released at the following times:

  • 08:00 PST - November 30th
  • 11:00 EST - November 30th
  • 16:00 GMT - November 30th

With this in mind, we're expecting the Spider-Man DLC to release at the same time in an update for the Avengers game. This isn't going to be as expansive as the War for Wakanda DLC, though, so don't expect a title update of the same size.

THE NEXT UPDATE - November 30th and beyond

This isn't the only thing coming on November 30th, though. Square Enix is reworking the way Gear Upgrades and Resources work alongside introducing a new Earned Cosmetics system.

There's also a Klaw-based Raid - Discordant Sound - that follows on from the War for Wakanda update - and another batch of cosmetics. (Admittedly, a lot of these are going to be for Spider-Man!) You can check out one of those below:


A Quad-XP Weekend is going to be in place from November 25th to November 29th to prepare you for that. You can check out everything coming below:


Despite the flak, Avengers is in a better place now than it has been in recent months and there's a lot more coming in 2022 and beyond.