Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok: Map will be biggest yet – Size, locations, Reddit leak, release date & more

The map for the next title in the popular franchise will be twice the size of its predecessor, Odyssey.


Ubisoft are set to recommence the legendary battle between assassins and templars in the coming weeks, with the announcement of Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok.

Leaks have been few and far between, so it’s been difficult to collate information on specific details.

Luckily for you, RealSport is here to help.

Keep reading as we cover everything from locations, navigation and the scope of the map we can expect from Ubisoft’s upcoming title.

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Starting Location

According to leaks, Ragnarok will be set in the Ninth century Europe, with the game starting at a siege of Paris, France.

It’s true that the Assassin’s Creed franchise has visited Paris before, with AC Unity set during the French revolution.

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However, Ragnarok will clearly be host to a very different France, as the new game will be set 1000 years before Unity.

However, don’t take this as gospel, as Paris is just one popular starting location hinted at amongst others.


As for traversing the harsh oceans and dense cities, the sailing mechanic from Black Flag is returning, meaning the Map is expected to be of a grand scale (similar to Black Flag’s titanic map).  

Although people were hesitant at first with sailing mechanics in Assassin’s Creed games, this feature has allowed for a more exciting and immersive travelling experience.

VICIOUS VIKING: This image was leaked on a Reddit post, could it hint at a female lead?

Not to mention, the sailing mechanic has been perfected over multiple instalments.

We are still unsure how land navigation will work, but it is expected that horseback will be the preferred method of transport, like most Assassin’s Creed games.

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 It is known that Vikings, in more tundral areas of Europe, used skis to get around, whether this real-world mode of transport is a viable option, we will have to wait for the reveal.


With leaks announcing that the map for Ragnarok is the biggest yet it has left us speculating what we may see from Ubisoft.

With the inclusion of sailing it is most likely we will see multiple large-scale maps based around locations in Europe. 

NOT MUCH TO GO ON: This leaked image doesn’t give much away, but gives us a sneak preview of the viking theme

Ragnarok is expected to have a map twice the size of its predecessor, Odyssey, which would make it Assassin’s Creed’s biggest ever map!

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However, bigger doesn’t always mean better – fans are hoping for more varied scenery in the Ragnarok map, as the Odyssey map was criticised for its monotonous nature.

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