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Ark Winter Wonderland 2020: End Date, What to Expect, Items, Raptor Claus, Gacha Claus, Maewing & more

If there's one thing Ark does right, its special events.

That shows in the new holiday event, Winter Wonderland 2020!

Here's everything you need to know about it.

End Date

The fifth edition of the Christmas-themed promo will run until Thursday, January 7.

Winter Wonderland 2020 Is Here!

The Christmas-themed special event has been a staple part of the Ark calendar for years now, and 2020 is no different.

With tons of new content to explore, it's time to dive right into Winter Wonderland 2020.

Latest News - Introducing the Maewing

It's hardly the festive twist we were expecting, but we've got a brand new creature heading to the Ark universe.


The Maewing is described as 'the ultimate intersellar wet nurse and surrogate parent'.

It will take care of your babies and, if you so desire, steal enemy offspring by luring their young in for 'an irresistible suckle at its bounteous teats'.

Seasonal Items

We saw no fewer than 28 Christmas-based items head to Ark during Winter Wonderland 4, with even more heading to Winter Wonderland this year.


The full list of skins that will be found in Winter Wonderland 5 can be seen below, eight of which have never been seen before!

  • Rex Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Carolers Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Bulbdog Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Blue Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Purple Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Green Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Male and Female Noglin Swimsuit Skin *NEW*
  • Male and Female Yeti Swimsuit Skin *NEW*
  • Candy Cane Club Skin
  • Christmas Bola Skin
  • Nutcracker Slingshot Skin
  • Dino Ornament Swim Bottom Skin
  • Dino Ornament Swim Top Skin
  • Jerboa Wreath Swim Bottom Skin
  • Jerboa Wreath Swim Top Skin
  • Ugly Bronto Sweater Skin
  • Ugly Carno Sweater Skin
  • Ugly Chibi Sweater Skin
  • Gray Winter Beanie Skin
  • Purple Winter Beanie Skin
  • Red Winter Beanie Skin
  • Felt Reindeer Antlers Skin
  • Santa Hat Skin

Event Chibis

There will be plenty of Chibis heading to Winter Wonderland too, seven in total, and they are all brand-new for 2020!

  • Shinehorn *NEW*
  • Featherlight *NEW*
  • Glowtail *NEW*
  • Bulbdog *NEW*
  • Top-hat Kairuku *NEW*
  • Reindeer *NEW*
  • Gacha Claus *NEW*

Event Items

Plenty of festive favourites will be returning to the items collection.

  • Festive Dino Candy
  • Holiday Lights
  • Holiday Stocking
  • Holiday Tree
  • Gift Box
  • Snowman
  • Wreath

Wild Creature Colours

Finally, there are plenty of wild creature colours that you'll be able to see in the snow.

Eight of these have never been seen before.

  • Jade *NEW*
  • PineGreen *NEW*
  • SpruceGreen *NEW*
  • DarkMagenta *NEW*
  • Glacial *NEW*
  • PowderBlue *NEW*
  • Teal *NEW*
  • DarkViolet *NEW*
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Grey
  • Light Red
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Red
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Medium Green
  • Dino Albino
  • NearWhite

Raptor Claus

Raptors are a common occurrence in Ark, but not so much when they are dressed as Santa Claus!

Raptor Claus only comes out once a year - during the Winter Wonderland promotion - dropping gifts for Survivors.

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Expect to see Raptor dropping plenty of Mistletoe and Coal - both of which can be fed to Gacha Claus in order to make Winter Wonderland items - as well as the odd Chibi-Pet here and there.

Raptor Claus can be found pretty much anywhere within the Ark map, so keep an eye out!

Gacha Claus

Once you've collected your Mistletoe and Coal you'll be heading straight to Gacha Claus.

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Place your items within Gacha's inventory and then sit back and wait whilst he produces a variety of different crystals for you.

These crystals will then evolve into either Armour, Festive Candies or Weapons.

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