Every Cherry Blossom Petal recipe in Animal Crossing

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It's Cherry Blossom season in Animal Crossing New Horizons and we have everything you need to know about the DIY Recipes you can get and use during this limited-time event.

How To Get Cherry Blossom Petals

Firstly, you might be wondering how you can actually get Cherry Blossom Petals in Animal Crossing New Horizons. After all, you're going to need Cherry Blossom Petals if you want to complete any Cherry Blossom Petal DIY recipes, right?


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All you need to do is shake all your fruitless trees on Animal Crossing New Horizons. Between now and April 10th, Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom and should have replaced all the standard trees on your island.

ACNH Cherry Blossom Petal DIY Recipies
PRETTY! - It's a fantastic time to take screenshots in Animal Crossing (Credit: GamesRadar)

If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, this will happen between October 1st and October 10th.

They will also randomly drop from the sky, so you'll need your net to capitalise on getting as many of the Cherry Blossom Petals as you can.

All The Cherry Blossom Petals DIY Recipes

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are fourteen Cherry Blossom Petals DIY Recipes to complete.

There aren't any new ones for 2021, unfortunately, but this should still be a good time to work on any that you missed the first time around!

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Below, to keep things short and sweet, we've listed all the recipes and what you need for them below:

Blossom-Viewing Lantern

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x6
  • Hardwood x4

Cherry Blossom Bonsai

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x6
  • Hardwood x2
  • Clumps of Weeds x3
  • Clay x3

Cherry Blossom Branches

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x8
  • Tree Branch x4
  • Clay x5

Cherry Blossom Clock

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x5
  • Iron Nugget x1

Cherry Blossom Flooring

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x10
  • Clumps of Weeds x20

Cherry Blossom Pochette

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x6

Cherry Blossom Pond Stone

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x3
  • Stone x10

Cherry Blossom Umbrella

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x7

Cherry Blossom Wand

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x3
  • Star Fragment x3

Cherry Blossom Petal Pile

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x5

Cherry Blossom Trees Wall

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x10
  • Hardwood x5

Outdoor Picnic Set

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x10

Sakura Wood Flooring

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x5
  • Wood x10

Sakura Wood Wall

  • Cherry Blossom Petal x5
  • Wood x10

There are currently two ways to get new Cherry Blossom Petal DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Throughout the Cherry Blossom event, Isabelle will give away DIY recipes through her Morning Announcements.

In addition to this, they can be found in flying balloons that must be shot down with a Slingshot. Sadly, there isn't any other way to get them so it can take quite a while to collect all 14 Cherry Blossom Petal DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.