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Amazon University Esports Summer Tournament: Dates, Schedule, And More

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July 11 marks the start of the latest Amazon University Esports Tournament. This is the fourth year of the event and fans are excited for the Valorant games especially.

The tournament will see NUEL and GGTech partner with Amazon to create the esports tournament. The event will take place during the University's summer holiday. This means that students will be working through their time off.

There are several games included in the tournament such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and many more. The biggest titles in esports as of 2022.

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Games being played

There are a variety of games being played in this Amazon esports tournament. They feature some of the biggest games in esports such as:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • CS:GO
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant
  • Teamfight Tactics

Amazon isn't curating the event either. University students are taking charge as they earn valuable experience organising events. With the support of Amazon, this event will be an exciting one.

Amazon University Esports Tournament dates

Amazon will begin the tournament in the next few days. July 11 will be the date to get involved with the tournament and support the esports uni students.

The event will continue until August 18th when the winners for each game will be announced. NUEL's official Twitch account is where the games will be streamed.

Amazon NUEL
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Amazon has also stated that they are working with university societies in order to develop the amateur esports scene.


The schedule for the tournament is below. Amazon has also included separate women and non-binary matches. This creates a brilliant way for less represented player identities to be shown and highlighted for their strengths.

Date Game 1 Game 2 Date Game 1 Game 2
11/07/22OverwatchRocket League01/08/22OverwatchRocket League
13/07/22Open LoLRainbow Six Siege03/08/22Open LoLRainbow Six Siege
14/07/22Open ValorantTeamfight Tactics04/08/22Open ValorantTeamfight Tactics
18/07/22OverwatchRocket League08/08/22OverwatchRocket League
19/07/22CSGOWomen and Non-Binary Valorant09/08/22CSGO
20/07/22Open LoLRainbow Six Siege10/08/22Open LoL Rainbow Six Siege
21/07/22Open ValorantTeamfight Tactics11/08/22Open ValorantTeamfight Tactics
22/07/22Women and Non-Binary LoL15/08/22OverwatchRocket League
25/07/22OverwatchRocket League16/08/22CSGO
26/07/22CSGOWomen and Non-Binary Valorant17/08/22Open LoL Rainbow Six Siege
27/07/22Open LoLRainbow Six Siege18/08/22Open ValorantTeamfight tactics
28/07/22Open ValorantTeamfight Tactics
29/07/22Women and Non-Binary LoL

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