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11 Nov 2020

AEW Video Games: 3 New Games Revealed - Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, Elite General Manager, Wrestling Sim, Casino Mobile Game & more

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New Console Wrestling Sim

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Elite General Manager (GM Sim)

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AEW Casino Game

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has made a huge statement becoming the first wrestling company in 20 years to air on TNT with AEW Dynamite.

The company is looking to make a splash in a new world with 3 new upcoming AEW video games!

Let's dive into the details we know so far.

New Console Wrestling Sim

The WWE 2K series took a hiatus this year due to COVID-19, and AEW is looking to fill the gap with a brand new classic wrestling sim game!

AEW video game omega jericho
SLOBBER KNOCKER: AEW's upcoming console sim game features all the great moves

While it doesn't have an official name just yet, this game looks absolutely amazing.

AEW wrestling game Hikaru Shida
STACKED: The AEW roster is stacked with superstar talent like Hikaru Shida, and it'll show in the new video game!

This game will be available on consoles, and features some arcade-like hard-hitting wrestling action with AEW superstars.

AEW console wrestling sim game jericho omega
ONE WINGED ANGEL: Kenny Omega prepares to land his devastating finisher on Chris Jericho

During its reveal trailer, Kenny Omega compared the game to wrestling classics Virtual Pro Wrestling and No Mercy - and we can only hope it holds up half as well!

But that certainly wasn't the only reveal AEW made on 10 November.

Elite General Manager (GM Sim)

The next video game revealed by AEW during the stream is Elite General Manager, a mobile game GM simulator.

AEW Elite General Manager mobile game
PERFORMANCE REVIEW: You'll have to book smart to succeed in Elite General Manager

This game does have a name, and we also got to see some brief glimpses at its gameplay during the reveal trailer.

AEW Elite General Manager Gameplay
GAMEPLAY: Elite General Manager will bring gameplay to GM simulator's, which is a new approach to the genre that usually remains text-based

We imagine this game will follow the formula of GM Modes in the Smackdown vs. Raw series, and be less like the more extreme GM simulator variant TEW.

With this casual approach, Elite General Manager will slot perfectly as a mobile game, and we imagine it will be available on iOS and Android alike.

AEW Casino Game

The third AEW video game reveal, and second mobile game on the list, is a new AEW Casino game.

AEW Casino game
ROLL THE DICE: What will AEW's Casino mobile game be like?

This game certainly has the least revealed info, with its trailer simply being members of the AEW roster enjoying a trip to the casino.

AEW casino game kenny omega
THE ACE OF AEW?: Kenny Omega wants to be the ace, and it looks like he's holding two

But we expect plenty more information on this game as we learn more about the others.