AC Valhalla: Title Update 1.0.4 goes down as huge hit with community

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been with us for just over two weeks, and there's always some teething issues around any new title.

A patch did arrive on Day 1, but Ubisoft has since released a more well-rounded patch.


Title Update 1.0.4

The title update was rolled out across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia on Thursday, 26 November.

FRESHEN UP - The latest patch has received great feedback

It features the option for players to choose between Performance or Visual quality in graphics, ensured stats were recorded correctly, adjustments to fish and crows as well as improved NPC and Boss reactions.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

Instant Hit

Looking on the official Title Update post on the assassinscreed subreddit, you can see the community is thrilled with these changes.


Frank91405 said: "Thank god, this is the first time I’ve been hyped for a goddamn update for any game."

BACK ON TRACK - After some teething issues, Valhalla is back where it belongs!
BACK ON TRACK - After some teething issues, Valhalla is back where it belongs!

Fabric limits have been increased to 82, which pleased Qu1nlan, "Excited that the fabric limit was addressed - I should be able to get the platinum trophy now!"

The previous fabric limit would actually prevent players from attaining the altar, quiver and rations.

Bugging out

The comments on Reddit also show how the current issues have affected some players and not others.

"Several game-breaking bugs and glitches on PS4, quests not starting, showing up or unable to progress, several audio and visual bugs that make playing the game extremely frustrating, the game crashing several times in one session and so on.


"Might be fine for some people but definitely not for all. Just got the game last week and I've had some major trouble getting anything done before I eventually just give up and fire up Brotherhood instead lmao."

LAND AND SEA - With so many facets to AC Valhalla, it was a big project for Ubisoft
LAND AND SEA - With so many facets to AC Valhalla, it was a big project for Ubisoft

One fan took a more diplomatic approach.

jakeo10 said: "This is the reality of modern open world RPGs.

"There are just too many systems at play here to be fully tested before launch.

"QA teams have a limited budget and number of people testing.

"While we can say it's unacceptable, pretty much every single AAA game like this in recent years has launched with similar problems across the board.


Further issues?

One eagle-eyed player has spotted some bugs that do not appear to have been addressed.

MeisterKvothe said: "Just a few bugs I didn't notice on the list:

  1. Female jomsviking having male voice
  2. Helmet display turned off after every loading screen
  3. Bjorn not displayed correctly in the crew menu and disappearing from the longboat, possibly causing game crashes
  4. Some Sunin skins have the issue where 'upper and lower layer of wings' seem to penetrate one another causing visual disturbance on the texture"

It remains to be seen if these have been sorted, or will be corrected in a future update.