AC Valhalla: Title Update 1.04 Improves Gameplay, Graphics

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is one of the biggest next gen games yet, and it's already getting better with Title Update 1.04.

Let's dive into the changes that will soon arrive in AC Valhalla.


Release Date

AC Valhalla Update 1.04 arrives on 26 November!

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For those staying home this Thanksgiving due to quarantine, it's the perfect way to spend the evening.


AC Valhalla's new patch, Title Update 1.04, brings many different gameplay improvements.

Assassins creed valhalla gameplay
GEAR UP: AC Valhalla will improve dramatically with its newest update

This includes:

  • Improved NPC and Boss behaviors
  • Fixing issues with bow aiming
  • NPC reactions to stealing
  • Guard reactions for hearing dead bodies fall and seeing Eivor shoot allies
  • Disguise behavior improvements
  • Zealot changes that include no longer healing in sight of players and being susceptible to stun attacks when hit by sleep darts
  • Arrow cost for shooting a bow from the Longship
  • Fixing an issue where horses wouldn't gallop in combat
  • Fish reeling improvements
  • Drunken crowds now cheer during drinking games
  • Ally NPCS and horses will no longer trigger booby traps
  • Fixing an issue where assassination animations wouldn't trigger for some targets
  • Adding additional boss fight checkpoints
  • Increasing frequency of experienced travelers
  • Fixing an issue that caused controllers to endlessly vibrate
  • Fixing an issue where allies wouldn't help Eivor open doors during raids
  • Allies now return to the ship when a raid is complete
  • Fish will now spawn in Norway despite bad weather


AC Valhalla's graphics are absolutely stunning on next gen consoles, and these will be getting some big improvements and bug fixes with the game's new update.

assassins creed valhalla guaranteed assassinate
BRING THE PAIN: AC Valhalla is a dangerous world, but it's yours to master

These include:

  • Improving a wide range of FX (Smoke, Fire, Water)
  • Fixing several clipping bugs
  • Fixing visual issues with Eivor's cloak
  • Adjusting many different animation issues for NPCs and players alike
  • Fixing shadow and lighting issues
  • Adjusting various texture and object placements in the world
  • Fixing Shadow Resolution values when set to High setting

Title Update 1.04

This isn't the first patch for AC Valhalla, but Title Update 1.04 is a massive update that will fix a ton of problems players have been running into.

ac valhalla asgard
BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY: AC Valhalla is about to get even better with Title Update 1.04

It also brings some new gameplay features and tweaks that will better capture a realistic and immersive AC Valhalla experience.


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While the patch isn't live in AC Valhalla just yet, it's only a day away! Stay tuned here, where we will update when the patch officially drops and players can enjoy the changes in-game.

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