A Skate 4 Playtest Could Be Happening This Week

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Over time, Skate has slowly become a bit of a cult classic. Combining tough skating tricks with an intuitive and inventive movement system, there's not much out there like it. That's why so many were excited to hear Skate is coming back. If recent playtest rumours are to be believed, it could be even sooner than we think. Here's what we know so far.

Skate 4 Playtest this week

Over on Twitter, Tom Henderson, an industry insider and journalist, revealed that there's a Skate playtest on this week. It seems to be pretty exclusive as he was asking who got in.

Announced way back in 2020 at EA Play Live, we know this is the next major Skate game being worked on. Given Skate 3 released 12 years ago in 2010, it seems unlikely this is any other Skate project.

There's technically a chance it's some other Skate title like a spinoff or remaster but it seems unlikely this far in. This is likely one of the first times the press have managed to actually get their hands on Skate 4.

What Could This Mean?


It seems likely we will see a full release date of the game sometime soon. It is unsure what the purpose of the Playtest is just yet but, this could be a preview period for journalists letting them reveal a little of what the experience is like. If this is the case and we get some previews out of the playtest, this would be a perfect time to see a release date.

This all being said, there is technically a chance they just want more players to give it a go to shape a little bit of its development. Though it seems likely we may receive a release date soon, this doesn't mean it's necessarily planned for this year. We'll update you right here if any more information comes out.

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