Escape From Tarkov February 15 Update Details

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Battlestate Games' Escape From Tarkov February 15 update is here at last!

Escape From Tarkov is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It marries fast-paced, realistic First-Person Shooter action with intense survival gameplay and RPG mechanics.

Now, with another update, Battlestate Games are aiming to further improve the Escape From Tarkov experience.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov February 15 update.


Update Overview

On the whole, this update is all about improving performance and fixing gameplay bugs.

That being said, there are quite a few UI fixes in and amongst the changes too.

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In particular, both the "Next" and "Get Items" buttons are being fixed. Several clipping issues are also being highlighted in this update.

Not only this, but there is also a fix that should stop people from exploiting the lack of sound metal stars when moving sideways.

Escape From Tarkov February Update Window Sniper
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ANGLES - Escape From Tarkov is all about getting the jump on your enemies, high or low

Although there isn't anything major, many players will agree that these steps are needed and will undoubtedly improve the performance of the game as a whole.

Full Patch Notes

Below, we've got the full Patch Notes for you to take a look at.

Escape From Tarkov FPS Construction Site
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SURVIVAL - Escape From Tarkov promises a fully-engaging survival experience

Much like other game developers, the Patch Notes provided by Battlestate Games are pretty detailed but don't go into the minute specifics of each value altered.

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  • The "Next" button, which wouldn't let players get to the main menu after a raid.
  • Freeze on the unloading screen in the main menu after a raid.
  • Some of the problems with spawning bots and players.
  • Taking damage by players or bots who are using a stationary weapon.
  • Bots flying in the air.
  • Errors that made it impossible for players to exit the location with the car extract.
  • An animation of checking the chamber, which was played for the observer if the player checked the mode of fire.
  • Checking the chamber and firing mode, which did not work if the gun did not have a magazine.
  • Drop-in performance in areas with multiple crafts in the hideout.
  • Possibility of spamming with notifications about friend requests.
  • Incorrect voice lines for the "Scav Killed" in BEAR 2 and BEAR 3 voices.
  • Different volumes of breathing sound during a sprint for different characters.
  • Some characters had no breath sounds after the entire stamina scale had been used up.
  • The "Get items" button, which was blocked until the game was restarted if the player had previously tried to collect a weapon with no space around it.
  • Increased speed of movement in the crouch position in some conditions.
  • Crafting skill progress points, which were not gained until the restart of the game.
  • No sound of footsteps on metal stairs while moving sideways.
  • The progress of the skill "Mag Drills", was reset after leaving the raid.
  • Incorrect calculation of the selling price and commission for the cultist knife.
  • Some of the problems with clipping gear.
  • Highlighting the option to report a player on mouseover.
  • A contusion timer that showed the wrong time if a player was contused by multiple hits.
  • Ability to delete the system chat with messages.
  • Shooting, which did not work by pressing the LMB, if the key was previously reassigned.
  • The ability to reload weapons in hands with magazines from a backpack and safe container through the context menu during a raid.
  • Elite skill level bonuses that did not apply if the elite level was obtained while the player was in the hideout.
  • The rain that came through some objects on "Woods" location.
  • Simultaneous play of multiple lines in the voice selection screen.
  • Various bugs with collisions on locations.
  • Various problems with culling on locations.
  • Fixes to various bugs in the game interface.
  • Various errors in the game client.
  • Various localization edits.
  • Various errors in server performance.


  • Server optimization [iteration #2].
    Various client optimizations.

For the full Escape From Tarkov February 15 update Patch Notes, click here.