100 Thieves: Why Nadeshot should invest in Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and CSGO

100 Thieves recently suggested they may be making moves into new esports after raising $35 million.

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Esports has changed a lot since 100 Thieves first entered the game in 2017. From the popularity of Fortnite to the franchising of the LCS/CWL/OWL, esports has become a huge business and the apparel/lifestyle brand has grown accordingly. 

Recently, 100 Thieves completed a Series B funding round raising $35 million in new capital allowing the organization to build a new facility in downtown LA and expand into new esports. 

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While 100 Thieves has had competent management, not everything Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag has touched has turned to gold. In a previous expansion into CS:GO, 100 Thieves struggled to deal with off the server issues and were forced to terminate the contracts with their Brazilian roster that never played an official match under the banner. 

According to a Tech Crunch report, 100 Thieves are evaluating expansions into Rocket League, CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege which provide a great backdrop into exploring the best option in each esport for Nadeshot to expand with. 

RLCS NA team

Rocket League is the most accessible esport out of the three listed in terms of being able to watch without context and to pick up and play. The esport scene for Rocket League is rapidly maturing, and for 100 Thieves has plenty of upsides. 

The biggest upside would be getting a team with an RLCS spot currently (Spacestation Gaming, Ghost Gaming, or The Peeps) or acquiring a highly talented roster that could contend for the RLCS next season (ex- EG or ex Splyce). 

An RLCS spot would give 100 Thieves exposure in a brand new market and open up a new revenue stream should Psyonix add 100 Thieves decals in their next esport shop expansion. 

Rocket League contracts are fairly inexpensive compared to CS:GO contracts and pros would require fewer resources than a Rainbow Six team. The downsides? Finding the right pair of talent to represent 100 Thieves. Fans tend be judgemental of new expansions and if 100 Thieves were to pick up a failing roster that either was relegated or failed to qualify for the RLCS, it would be a bad look for the organization. 

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What 100 Thieves should do is build around Gabriel "CorruptedG" Vallozzi and Jason "Klassux" Klass who despite being in the RLRS have shown they can compete with the best of the best on LAN. 

The duo (currently Randy Gibbons' River Rats) were formerly on Evil Geniuses RL team, but were unable to survive relegation. The pair are still extremely talented and paired with the perfect third could easily re-qualify for the RLCS and do damage on LAN in the future. 

Former OpTic Gaming CS:GO lineup

A lot of OpTic Gaming CS:GO fans have been crying out for 100 Thieves (or any organization) to pick up the roster after OpTic Gaming was bought out by Immortals Gaming Club. 

100 Thieves previous expansion may bring back bad memories for Nade and company, but this is a much safer proposition for 100 Thieves (or any org) to secure a top team. 

OpTic Gaming recently won (pictured) DreamHack Summer 2019 securing themselves a spot at the upcoming DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019. The lineup has gone through a tone of up and down moments, but Mathias Sommer "MSL" Lauridsen has brought his signature style to OG with great success. 

The team has already established some level of consistency that has seen them ranked in the top 20 of Counter-Strike which would be a prime place for the team to place well in future tournaments. 

100 Thieves has already snatched up some former OpTic Gaming staff including Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen which would give both sides familiarity and an easier time in transition. 

The only downside to picking up the team is that the team is not a North American team, and 100 Thieves has historically been an NA only organization. Still, the opportunity to get a quality team in CS:GO are slim to none so 100 Thieves should pounce while they still can. 

DarkZero Esports

Out of the three expansions, Rainbow Six Siege is the trickiest. The game has the least established scene out of the three listed and would require the most organizational support. Rainbow Six Siege has a bevy of talented players strung across the various regions, but teams often end up orgless after six months when other orgs both large and small get cold feet. 

Darkfire features world class talent in a North American package that would make for a good first foray into the esport for Thieves. More than likely, Darkfire would have a high asking price for the roster, but the roster has shown promise recently in their bid to qualify for the biggest international tournaments. 

100 Thieves should hire a talented Rainbow Six manager to scout out the most qualified teams and decide the best course of action because the org would like to avoid another Brazilian CS:GO mishap. 

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