What Time Is the Minecraft Update Coming Out?

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Minecraft has just received Caves & Cliffs part one, one of the biggest updates in Minecraft history. With this comes tonnes of new mobs, blocks and more.

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Here's what you should know about its release.

Latest - Part One Just Launched

Luckily for you, the latest update comes out today.


Announced over a week ago, the Twitter page has been hinting at new information and little videos since then. It is now live for all players and can be accessed straight away. If you can't get it just yet, give it a few minutes and it should go live.

Release Time


The release time was around 11am ET / 4pm BST today. There are a few central reasons for this.

Firstly, this will follow the trend set by previous updates to the game. Generally releasing around this time, there is a precedent to see it around this time.

Next, over on Twitter, Tech lead for Minecraft Java, SlicedLime, has been updating players on every pre-release and release candidate. Generally, these updates tend to come around 4 to 8 pm BST further suggesting that launch window

How to Get Early Access

Although it may seem a little pointless now, you can get future updates to the game a little early if you have the right version or are willing to spend the money. First, you need to purchase the Java edition of the game.

From here, boot up the launcher and click on Minecraft. Go to installations and enable snapshots. From here, look for any future updates in that tab and get them downloaded. This is a little experimental though so I would advise saving your world elsewhere before you play the new worlds. You could lose them if not.